Soros is “an Oligarch in the Classic East European Russian Sense”

sorosJoe Hoft – We’ve previously reported that Obama’s State and Justice Departments were assisting George Soros in his attempt to control the Ukraine.  On Monday Joe diGenova called out George Soros as a Ukrainian oligarch who is anti free speech and attacks those who speak freely about him.

George Soros is a major Democrat donor and at the same time connected to numerous actions around the world that are very suspicious, if not corrupt and criminal. At the time of the 2017 Inauguration, we reported that Soros related groups were related to every major protest since the November election.

Soros was interviewed years ago on CBS’s 60 Minutes where he admitted helping Nazi’s during World War II. He helped Nazis steal from Jews during the war. Soros is a Jew. Note that even in this video he parades his activities in the Ukraine.

Soros was reportedly behind the airport protests after President Trump’s election. A week before that Soros was reportedly behind 50 Groups involved in the ‘Women’s Protests’ the day after the inauguration. Before that, Soros was connected to the groups demanding election recounts after the November 8th election and Soros money was funding more protests during these efforts. And DC Leaks released information showing that Soros funded Black Lives Matter protests across the country.

President Trump called out Soros when a couple of his paid stooges attacked Republican Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator getting him to cave during the Kavanaugh hearing:

We reported that a group attacking Judge Kavanaugh and other Trump Judicial nominees was being fueled by dark money from George Soros. Later Soros was connected to racial riots in DC before the midterms.

In the past month alone we reported that a Soros assistant was the official escort for 16-year-old Global Warming ‘Expert’ Greta Thunberg. Soros was also involved in the Russia collusion scam. He also has been involved with numerous politicians in Europe.

In addition, we’ve reported that that George Soros wanted to take over the oil and gas industry in the Ukraine.

On Monday Joe diGenova called out George Soros for his anti-free speech positions.

Joe diGenova (at the 12:00 minute mark below) called out Soros –

This criticism of me, of a quote-unquote “anti-Semitic rant” is a destruction of free speech.  George Soros doesn’t believe in free speech.  His organizations that he supports don’t believe in free speech.  They believe in shutting up people.  They believe in no debate.  They believe in no public debate….

He wants to change American society.  He doesn’t want it to be an open society.  He wants it to be a closed society.  A society that he runs, that he has influence over.  That’s fine.  He has every right in the world to do that.  And he’s doing it by the way, brazenly.  Going after local DA’s who want to destroy local police – who want to destroy law enforcement – who want to change the local community.

George Soros has every right in the world to say and do what he’s doing.  And I have every right in the world to criticize him.  Except you’re not allowed to criticize George Soros.  You’re not allowed to tell the truth about a Hungarian American oligarch.  And make no mistake about it.  He’s an oligarch in the classic East European Russian sense.  He is an oligarch…”


Joe diGenova is right!

SF Source The Gateway Pundit Nov 2019

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