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Joseph P Farrell – Germany backs China’s and Russia’s “double freeze” plan:

Germany ‘sides with China and Russia’, supports China peace plan

In telephone conversation with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel reportedly backs China’s proposal for a ‘double freeze’ of North Korean ballistic missile and nuclear weapons tests in return for a cessation of US military exercises in South Korea.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry is claiming that German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel is backing China’s proposal for a ‘double-freeze’ as a route out of the Korean crisis.

China’s ‘double freeze’ proposal requires North Korea to freeze is ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programme in return for the US freezing the military exercises it routinely carries out on the Korean Peninsula with South Korea.  Once the ‘double-freeze’ is in place China proposes that North Korea and the US begin direct talks as a way to achieving a peace treaty – which would bring the Korean war to a formal end – and the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

The US has rejected China’s ‘double freeze’ proposal.  North Korea also says it has rejected it but has regularly hinted that it would reconsider if the US were to signal it would accept it.  The obstacle to implementation of China’s ‘double freeze’ proposal therefore appears to lie in Washington.

Russia – China’s key geo-strategic ally – strongly backs China’s ‘double freeze’ proposal, which is therefore often spoken of as a joint Chinese-Russian proposal though in reality it originates in Beijing.  However if Germany really is backing China’s ‘double freeze’ proposal then it would be the first major US ally to do so.

Gabriel is supposed to have signalled Germany’s support for China’s ‘double freeze’ proposal in a telephone conversation with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.  RT has provided a translation of the Chinese text of the readoutof the conversation as provided by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.  According to this Gabriel’s comments to Wang Yi were as follows

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