Can You Feel It?

feelingsVeronica – A sense of internal knowing is available to all. In the rush of everyday living it is always a challenge to “feel” in this reality.

Some are sensitive. “Feeling” for them is as natural as breathing. For others a challenge can be presented for any sort of awareness. With all the distractions, how does one get in touch with their “feelings”? Each of you have the ability to examine them at the very least. However, sometimes examination simply is not enough.

Be careful of your creations. You are way more powerful than you believe yourself to be. Feeling that pulse of energy is not something to avoid. It is something to embrace whole heartedly. So take a moment to consider all of the opportunity “feeling it” can offer. Decide to let it in. Feeling energy can be as easy as feeling with your fingertips. If you put all of your focus upon your fingertips, the sensations become more pronounced. It becomes an event that your essence can benefit from.

Take a moment to allow it. Take a moment to allow the sensation to reach your core. Eliminating all other distraction is very important. Solid stimulus can derail any motion set out upon by the body.

Feelings are important. It’s not just an emotional experience. The sensations can linger within, creating images that you may need to see. Allow it.

Quiet down and allow.

These tingles represent your relationship with the reality.



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