Glashütte – A Look Back in Time

Watches the world over are now being seen as fashion accessories, and this has fueled the growth of this segment. The watch industry focuses mainly on Asia, Europe and the US. Switzerland is the largest watch producer by value. However, one area of Germany has become infamous for its watchmaking capabilities.

Situated in the depths of Germany is the small town of Glashütte with a population of around 5,000 people. For more than 165 years, Glashütte has been renowned for its skill and expertise in the watchmaking industry.

For about four centuries the town of Glashütte was recognised for its silver mining, but that all changed in 1845 as Ferdinand Adolph Lange founded the first watch firm. Ferdinand Lange himself created Glashüttes first watch brand and was joined by pioneers Adolph Schneider, Moritz Grossmann and Julius Assmann, whom together created the watch manufacturing industry that put this small town on the map.

The watch trade-in Glashütte had a massive impact on the economy and as the watchmaking industry flourished, so did the need for a skilled craftsman. So, on the 1st May 1878, Moritz Grossmann opened the ‘German School of Watchmaking Glashütte’, and the school quickly earned a reputation through its exceptional graduates and teachers.

Surviving two World Wars, today the small town of Glashütte boasts an impressive 13 watch companies including a new generation of smaller brands such as Nomos Glashütte .Founded in 1991, Nomos boasts a more minimalist design and the company is well known for manufacturing up to 95% of their mechanical movements in-house and predominantly by hand.

Another established brand, Mühle Glashütte, traditionally known for the manufacture of instruments for the local watchmaking industry, as well as car clocks and tachometers, made its introduction into watch manufacturing in 1994 with the manufacture of highly robust and legible timepieces.

In May 2011, Tutima Glashütte returned to the area after 66 years, following their relocation to Ganderkesee. Tutima, which is Latin for ‘secure and protected’, originated in Glashütte in 1926, producing a top-quality line of wristwatches. The family-owned company returned home to Glashütte in 2011 with the same passion and drive that they are internationally renowned for.

The introduction of newer companies and the revival of older ones make for an extremely positive future for the wristwatch trade-in Glashütte.

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