Comprehensive List Of GMO Products

gmoThis GMO list was compiled based on information verified at time of publication. Since then changes in corporate ownership and/or market-driven changes have caused modifications to the practices of a few of the corporations listed below.

Non-GMO Product Listings

  1. Over 400 Companies Who Aren’t Using GMOs In Their Products
  2.  non-GMO product list site for organic brands
  3. Center for Food Safety for foods you can eat that are not GMO contaminated.

GMOs Used In Products Below

Compilation Copyright Gillian C Grannum, Ph.D. October 2 2012
Revised January 2017 – All Rights Reserved

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114 thoughts on “Comprehensive List Of GMO Products

  1. This issue is fraught with high emotion. It is clear to me that this will degenerate rapidly if I don’t manage it properly. So, with regret, I have decided to close the comments to this post. Thank you all for understanding. Blessings. G

  2. “(Full disclosure: I own Monsanto shares because GMO is the only way the earth can feed 10 billion or 50 billion or a trillion people.)”

    Shut yer dirty lying mouth….LOL

    Simply not true, not true at all…

    1. Steve, I agree with you. However, Gordon does have a right to express his opinion, which, of course, runs counter to ours. We are all learning the truth as best we can. Blessings, G

      1. I agree with you our rulers are into eugenics. They are faithless people who seek population reduction. But so far in the western world these Malthusians have restricted themselves to propaganda.

        All the major media stories in the last half century have promoted population control: birth control, abortion, feminism, same sex, safe sex and even incessant global warming scare stories to discourage family formation.

        The so-called conflict of cultures between the west and Islam may very well be regarded as a struggle between those who would bring as many children into the world as God wills and others who often seem in love with death.

        Our rulers may be moving beyond propaganda. The current depression is certainly consistent with their desire to shrink population.

        But as to food, companies will provide what an educated population demands. If the consumer cares about nothing but price, whose fault is that?

    2. LOL means laughing out loud. Why would you think it is funny to say “Shut yer dirty lying mouth” to another human being.

  3. Well, they don’t call them gross-ery stores for nothing.

    The WORST part of this list is the ‘baby food’ – to think they are destroying the health and future of these little critters – all for a quick buck for millionaires – is DISGUSTING!!

    1. Hi T! I agree with you. GMOs are the flagship of the Eugenics agenda. That is why the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Gates being a KNOWN eugenicist) has bought gazillion shares in Monsanto. It is the weapon they plan to use to murder humanity. And yes, the fact that they are killing babies is sickest of all. Blessings, G

  4. They are making the whole planet “Round Up Ready”! I guess it’s easier to ship the poison to us than us to the poison! Please post list of safe foods soon!

    1. Yes, Carol. You are right. I’m sure that as the research continues store brand products will be added to the list. The best way to find out right now is to ask the grocery store which supplier makes their store-brand product. If it’s one of the companies listed above (which is more than likely) then the store brand product is most definitely contaminated with GMO. Blessings, G

  5. No wonder most Americans are sick especially diabetes is showing up in young people its awful & criminal.

    1. Hi Stendec. Yes. It is absolutely criminal! They are poisoning us and doing it with the very food we eat. So very, very sad. Blessings, G

  6. why don’t you give us a list of non gmo products i am sure the list is much much shorter.

    1. Sickening, isn’t it, Daphne? I cleaned up the list to make it easier to read and I found myself in a state of shock. Absolute shock. No wonder these criminals don’t want labeling on the products. I hope California is successful with Prop. 37. That will free America from this criminal cabal that is poisoning Americans. Blessings, G

  7. I followed the links back to the source and got two ‘cannot be found’ notices.

      1. Hi again Gordon, when I clicked on the links listed at the top of my article I got the Rumor Mills link with full content. The Govt Slaves link also works. The Rumor Mill link you post above works when I click on it. There is no link to Steve Quayle on my referenced links. Only to Rumor Mill and to Govt Slaves. The source material from Rumor Mill does indeed lead to “page not found” links, which is certainly curious. Thanks, nonetheless, for your diligence. We need more like you who are interested in SOURCING material. Blessings, G

      2. You are welcome, Gillian.

        I have noticed that people are uncritical with respect to certain information, environmental and nutritional among them.

        The benefit to one food company of smearing the product of their competitors is obvious.

        On the environmental front, 25 years ago a friend of mine who was an engineer told me the banning of CFCs to stop the alleged whole in the ozone layer was a scam because their replacement, HFCs, were identical in their effect on the stratosphere. My friend believed CFCs were being banned because they were cheap because they were off patent.

        HFCs were expensive because they were still on patent. In other words, the banning of CFCs did nothing but boost the bottom line of the chemical companies.

        Now a quareter century later, HFCs are to banned. Is that not an admission they were no better than CFCs?

        So why are HFCs getting the boot? Is it because they are now going off patent and the chemical companies want to replace them with products that cost more?

        So I think we have to be very careful about the source of our information. We may be being used by corporations to boost their profits.

        In the last regard I notice that criticisms of GMO products such as those made by Monsanto have very recently appeared in the mass media.

        Does this mean people are getting the message? Or does it mean that Monsanto has important patents that expire in 2014 and the company if perfectly willing to have those products banned knowing that they own the only replacements.

        (Full disclosure: I own Monsanto shares because GMO is the only way the earth can feed 10 billion or 50 billion or a trillion people.)

      3. Yes, Gordon. I checked them out and they are both down. I’ll contact the agent at Rumor Mill and let them know the links are no longer working. Blessings, G

      4. Gordon, GMOs are being engineered to take the nutritional value OUT of foods. They are not designed to feed the population. They are designed to KILL.

        Monsanto workers do NOT eat GMO foods. That is documented. The Elites do NOT eat GMO foods. They only eat organic foods grown on their personal farms. Why is that? They KNOW the agenda. They are eugenicists.

        Why do you think Monsanto is banned in Europe and that ALL products with GMO must be labeled for sale in Europe? The seeds are non-reproductive, meaning that individuals must buy new seeds each year to plant. That is the profit motive on top of the eugenics agenda.

        GMO will NOT feed the planet. The lack of nutritional value is the reason why Americans are now FAT. They eat because they are not getting nutrition to the cells.

        I have no opinion concerning your ownership of GMO stock. It is legal for you to own the stock. However, if Americans are able to get this poison LABELED it will no longer be a good stock to own. That is why Monsanto and many of the corporations listed above are doing everything in their power to fight California’s Prop. 37. Countries all over the world are BANNING GMO crops because the deleterious consequences to humanity are FINALLY getting exposed.

        Blessings, G

      5. I absolutely agree that GMOs kill because they lack nutrition.

        The absence of nutrition and the fact the people who grow them do not want to eat them is one of the key points made in this excellent video on King Corn:

        Another excellent point made in various ways by interviewees in the video is that they can deliver whatever product the customer is willing to pay for.

        As a speaker I heard elsewhere recently said, you can have tasty, nutritious greenhouse tomatoes but they will cost a lot more.

        Why is Monsanto banned in Europe? Because Bayer out of Germany makes compeing products.

      6. Bayer belongs to the same club of eugenicists with Monsanto. Hitler was a eugenicist. The 3rd Reich’s agenda is now the 4th Reich – in America. The TSA is the Gestapo. The weapon is no longer crematoriums, though these exist in FEMA camps. The weapon is food – GMO food. Blessings, G

  8. I haven’t eaten a single one of these Frankenfoods for ten years at least. The thing is, the information about GMO and chemically-laden food has been known for many years and no one cared, everyone laughed at me for being “paranoid.” This list isn’t shocking for that reason, but it certainly is awful.

      1. I grow my own food, such as herbs, corn, etc. And when I do, I do it organically and I make sure the seeds I buy are not GMO.

      2. Hi Ray, that’s the only way to insure organic food consumption. Thanks for commenting. Blessings, G

      3. A list of non GMO foods would be better! First it would be much smaller and it would let us know what should still be called a food product. Monsanto should eat their own frankenfoods.

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