How To Attract Positive Karma Into Your Life

The sentence “You reap what you sow,” best described what karma is.

good karmaGenerally, it is the energy that we are sending to the universe and is coming back to us.

Every action holds certain karma and we can’t always control what we are doing. Even when we suffer the consequences of our mindless actions most of us cannot find the pattern between our actions and the situation.

It is always best to be mindful of the intentions behind our actions to avoid negative consequences or bad karma.

There are certain things we can do to have a good karma. These not only improve us  but help us in being mindful of others.

1 – Focus on your life goals

Focusing on your life goals is one way of attracting good karma.

When you are focused on your life goals, distractions have less power over you. The more you remain focused the more you are likely to succeed.

But you also need to take a break once in awhile. This allows you to breathe and makes you more creative once you get back to what you are currently working on.

There may be some failures along the way, but they are more likely designed to push you to do the things rightly. Failures carry lessons that help you improve certain aspects of your life.

2 – Connect to the world within and around you.

When you connect to the world within you and around you, you are more aware of what’s going on in the present moment.

Dwelling on the past or the future will rob you of your precious time.

While focusing on your goals brings you to a future success, living in the present moment helps you achieve your greatest potential.

Being in the present and living to the best that you can connects you to life and allows good karma to come into your world.

3 – Take responsibility for your commitments

Taking responsibility for your commitments is one sign of maturity and creates openings to  good karma.

Certainly you may have lapses in your actions from time to time because you’re evolving and making mistakes is part of growth. When you take responsibility for your mistakes, you are doing the right thing. Not everyone can do that.

Claiming your mistakes as your own makes it easier for you to correct them and move on from them.

4 – Learn to laugh at yourself

Making mistakes can feel humiliating. Yet, humility is one great way to achieve good karma.

When you’re able to laugh at yourself over some of your silly mistakes it’s easier to take criticism from others. In fact failures can become a yardstick in self improvement, one that points you to the necessary changes you need to make.

If there are negative comments from others, you should not take them overly seriously. nstead, learn to laugh and be willing to take a joke, even if it’s on you. It lightens up your journey quite a bit.

5 – Be patient with yourself and the world

Being patient and tolerant with yourself and the world aids in the achievement of good karma since not everything will go the way you expect it to be. There are some things that require a lot of patience, especially success. You can’t always have the thing you desire at the exact moment you want to have it.

As the saying goes, “All good things come to those who wait.” When you wait patiently you allow your dreams to take shape and manifest.

6 – Practice small acts of kindness

Mark Twain nailed it perfectly, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Practice small acts of kindness to others as well as to yourself. When you are kind to yourself, others also feel it. Loving yourself first is the first stage of loving others.

Being kind to yourself makes you genuine unto others. You may fool people with a fake smile but not yourself.

Being kind to yourself means doing the things that can make you happy.

The more you are kind to yourself, the more natural you become in treating others with kindness.

7 – Be comfortable and open to change

When we have perfectly designed the future according to how it fits in our plans, facing changes is difficult. Change is not what we are used to. Change is an unfamiliar territory that we hate to even take a glimpse because we are all afraid of the unknown.

It’s in going out of your comfort zone that you’re able to feel comfortable with change.

Embracing change brings good karma because it opens your mind to expansion and a wide array of better possibilities. Like a butterfly coming out a cocoon you are only able to spread your wings after going through personal metamorphosis.

Incorporate these practices in your life and see how amazing attracting good karma can be!

SF Source Humans Are Free Sep 2017

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