Hannity Interview – Julian Assange [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Julian Assange is alive.

He’s resurfaced to definitively quash the “Russian Hacking” and “Russian Propaganda” canards being lobbed into the minds of the hapless public by the desperate Obama Administration, the Globalist toady establishment and the pathetic and discredited Ministry of Propaganda Mainstream Media.

Formerly deplorable FoxNews is experiencing an odd interlude, with the ouster of its longtime Chairman, Roger Ailes and it’s wisely scooping up the market share of dispossessed American TV news viewers, turned off by the obvious fake news being spouted by the competing networks.

Enjoy the chaos that allows truth to be told while it lasts!

In case you missed it, here is Julian Assange at the London Ecuadorian Embassy with Sean Hannity.

Every minute of this interview is golden. Don’t miss a word!

Alexandra Bruce is a Guest Writer for Shift Frequency

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Jan. 2017

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