In Celebration of the Harmonic Convergence (Part 2)

The Harmonic Convergence, which originally took place August 16 and 17th of 1987 was one of the world’s first globally synchronized meditation events. It brought together thousands upon thousands of Lightworkers around your globe and it launched the Great Shift of the Ages and your current cycle of Ascension. It is now recognized as a major impetus that stimulated the remembrance of one’s true purpose for being on Earth. The original celebrants who gathered in 1987 later became known as your current day “Lightworkers” who are still here to assist humanity in remembering their Divine origin. –  The Councils of Shamballa

harmonic convergenceIn addition to the powerful Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence August 16 and 17, you have also been blessed this August with the opening of two powerful portals created by a lunar and a solar eclipse taking place on either side of the Lion’s Gate on August 8. All of these wonderful events and planetary openings are bringing about an enormous downpour of the Creator’s Love and Light into the crystalline matrix of humankind. This matrix can now be used to clear away a great deal of the residual density within the overall consciousness of humanity.

You each came to Earth to be the conscious directors of God’s Love and Light and you are also here at this time to consciously assist in clearing away the separation modalities that eventually brought you into the density of the 3rd dimension. Yet now you are being encouraged to fully accept that you are really on the Earth to be conscious agents for bringing more of the Creator’s Love and Light into your world.

These capacities will be expanded on the 30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence on August 16 and 17 as it once again increases your mastery and accelerates your ascension as well as lifting the consciousness of your world into its next higher frequency. All life in your world is currently at a tipping point,meaning you are moving through the dark to before the dawn and you are seeing resistance from the energy of negativity before the planet is fully restored to the Light. It is actually the Light of God that is pushing everything up through the darkness from underneath and bringing all of the distortions to the surface to be released. Once you fully turn the Light on, everything will be seen very differently.

With the arrival and return of this Light throughout your being, the old paradigms and old ways of thinking will simply disappear, being replaced by crystalline clarity you have not known since your last Golden Age. This state of Being will bring such a union of Oneness with your God Presence that you will find yourself happily and actively engaged in loving service to the Divine that at one time might have been considered miraculous. You are indeed now entering a time where miracles will soon seem commonplace.

Unity or Christ Consciousness will soon become the norm in your world and any remnants involving the consciousness and memory of separation will truly be forgotten. The joy you will know in your  return to Unity Consciousness may be accompanied by the happy thought of “why did I wait so long to return to this glorious and and true state of Being?” It is here that you will realize beyond measure the fruits of all the time and effort you have taken to return to your True State of Being, the Presence of God within you.

You will further realize all the titles and references to your old identities were simply false attempts to make up a “self” that best suited the experiences you had chosen to fulfill your soul contract and ultimately to expedite your mastery. This realization may bring a quiet chuckle that will resonate throughout your being in seeing the folly of your ego’s attempts to protect you from embracing the truth of your Divine Self.

Allow the present celebration of the Harmonic Convergence  on August 16 and 17to stimulate the crystalline or All Christ Remembrance of your true identity and purpose, and let nothing short of this remembrance influence your thoughts, feelings and actions. Embrace yourself as you would embrace God to fully accept your Divine Inheritance as your True and Natural state of Being.  God IS who you truly are! REJOICE, beloveds, and let this be your ongoing mantra.

During this powerful time of global ascension, a two-day online 30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence is being offered to accelerate your personal mastery and actualize your ascension living as the Presence of God in physical form, as well as assisting humanity to awaken to their unlimited nature to create the life that will bring them joy, which will birth a new world. Please join us for this historic event.

In addition, to facilitate your living in Oneness with the Creator and your True Self, we invite you to join us for the year-long Private Mentoring with the Masters Program that has been designed to assist you in aligning with your own God Presence and actualizing your Divine Blueprint so you can live in the unlimited freedom, majesty and abundance of the 5th dimension on Earth.  We invite you to participate.

30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence A 2-Day Online Event. For more information, go to:

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