Living in Transparency

You have been waiting many lifetimes for the great Grace that is being offered you during these extraordinary times.  The veils are being lifted and you are discovering their illusory nature as you actualize your present mission to once again merge fully into the Christ that you are. ~ Jeshua the Christ

presenceLiving in transparency means living with no remaining charges of energy, either positive or negative, related to any memories you may still be holding related to this or any other lifetime.  No matter how horrific, how selfish, or how long any memory may have endured, in transparency there is no remaining energy related to any part of your past, especially those that may have still been sustaining any form of guilt, shame or unworthiness.

Transparent living means you have no attachments to any specific outcome or any judgments upon another who may in the past have seemed unworthy of your love or respect. There is also no longer a feeling of waiting for something to happen or for someone to come into your life to bring you whatever you thought you needed or to specify your next step.

This means you are no longer looking outside of yourself as all the steps of your day are being happily orchestrated and presented to you moment-to-moment in a clear and loving way by your own God Presence.

Transparent living means you are able to also hear and trust the guidance arising from your own Spiritual Heart knowing that Its guidance is always in full harmony with your Presence and your own Divine Blueprint for these times. Every step you take was always meant to come purely from the guidance of Source through your own God Presence and this level of communication is now available to you with nothing left in your body, emotions, mental or etheric bodies to interfere.

Your soul in its purity is actualizing your Earth mission. In your Heart you know this to be true in ways that the archaic, 3rd dimensional words cannot really define. Your new mission is now coming into its time of fruition and with it the realization that it is taking you much deeper into the great strengths that you have developed over many lifetimes. This also means that your crystalline DNA is now being awakened and that you are mature enough for it to be expressing through your consciousness.

Your partnership with God, as the Christ within you is now being remembered, even though you may have long wondered how you could have ever forgotten even for a moment in time!  The language of Light is now blazing back and forth through your mind many times a day, meaning that you and God are in constant and continual communion. This is allowing for much purer clarity of expression, whether in word or in deed, and you now realize you have come forth as a unique expression of the Presence of God in physical form to bring Heaven to Earth and be part of manifesting the Divine Plan of Peace, Harmony and Abundance for all on Earth.

The more you completely remove yourself from the dictates of your ego and follow the guidance of your Presence or God Self, the more fully merged you will remain with the One You Truly Are and have always been.

You now realize that the actions you took before your Great Awakening occurred was literally a nightmare of your own making.  An idea that you had asked of God, “What would it be like to experience life where there were many who called themselves gods, and I had completely forgotten our loving Oneness?”  Because you had asked for this experience, the Creator granted this, yet know that this experience actually enriched and strengthened you and greatly expanded your desire to once again live in Oneness with your God Presence.

Now it is finished and the great tapestry that has been woven out of your centuries of return to living in oneness with God has provided you with great wisdom and what you have gained now enables your beloved Presence to express through you what is truly Divine and only from God.  And your only wonder may be why did it take me so long to awaken? The glow from your beloved Presence in and through you is literally often visible to those with the eyes to see.  And even to the unawakened, your Presence as an emissary of the Divine puts people at ease in a most loving and non-threatening way.

SF Source Walk The Earth Nov 2017

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