Healing Cycles, Energy Trauma and Energy Gaps

healing cyclesJennifer Hoffman – When we need healing from our trauma we find relationships to serve that need but they don’t usually bring us much joy.

When we understand healing cycles and their related karma we can avoid the drama and chaos of healing cycles and choose joyful, joy-filled relationships.

Have you ever met someone and instantly liked or disliked them?

How about the time you instantly ‘fell in love’ with someone?

Or something someone says or does sets you off into a depressive funk that you take days or weeks to get over?

That’s all part of the healing cycles and those moments of connection are important points of intersection and decision. They are how we work through our energy trauma, fill our energy gaps, and decide whether we are going to be karma-free or not.

Healing path is either to get ‘fixed’ yourself or ‘fix’ someone or to get completion and closure

Getting fixed is avenging your karma  – you have something to prove to yourself and to others

You want to go through the process again with someone to get control over the process

So you choose a karmic partner who is going to give you that experience because they have that energy imprint.

Feeling broken or victimized? You’ll find a friend, partner, neighbor, or job situation, or neighborhood that is broken or victimized.

How to stop the healing cycle.

Make a decision at the choice point – do I go forward with this or not?

It’s tempting to try ‘one more time’ it’s a gamble we make every day even if we’r enot the gambling type

This is a battle between our emotions and our spirit – who is going to win? Usually it’s the emotions

Healing cycles are an addiction (repeat) to fixing the past, vindicating your suffering, finding a resolution to the question of ‘why did they do that’?

If you can get someone to not do it then you’ll feel vindicated, they could have made a different choice.

Vindication means fixing it for you

Revenge means you ‘win’, you not only survived, you managed to fix or heal someone else just like them.

Karmic cycles follow many lifetimes and we can understand these healing cycles in the context of our karma

We can ask the following questions to get insight about how our healing cycles and karma intersect in our relationships:

How many times have we done this before?
What are we trying to accomplish?
What is our end goal?
Who are we trying to heal?
What are we really trying to do?
What happens next?

Healing cycles are an invitation to repeat karma or step out on a new path.

It’s not easy giving up the desire to avenge your trauma, un-victimize yourself by winning at the karma game, get vindication or even revenge. But it is the only way to release the pain and trauma of the past, to jump out of the rut of healing cycles, and to create relationships that are focused on our highest potential, and are joyful and joy-filled.

Copyright (c) 2020 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

SF Source Enlightening Life Oct 2020

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