Helping the World Heal Itself

choiceJennifer Hoffman – It can seem like the entire world is falling apart right now and in a way it is, as the 3D glue that holds the world together has dis-integrated completely. Not only is the veil gone, so is the opportunity to be fully asleep, ignorant of what is going on in the world. Everyone is in some stage of waking up and those who are not are getting increasingly loud wake-up calls. It’s like being at the carnival, with the noise, lights, frenzy, motion, and chaos all happening at once.

Through the process of waking up we realize how broken the world appears to be but that is not a true statement. Through our recently expanded energy field we see two paths, the limitations of 3D and the new potentials that are now possible for us in higher dimensions of being. They were always there, we just could not see them with the limitations of 3D firmly in place. Now we want to leap ahead and share this great insight with everyone, convinced that if we can ‘heal the world’ out of its 3D limitations the ascension process will move much more quickly.

But it won’t because the world doesn’t need healing, nor does anyone else. What can happen is an awakening to the choices to integrate new 5D frequencies and the achievement of new vibrations so self healing, which is really becoming energetically whole and congruent, can occur. And it can do that through a flash of insight that shifts the energy in an instant.

A few years ago I did a reading for a client who asked about a friend who was in the hospital, slowly dying from an illness doctors could not identify. She knew her friend was going to die and was sad because theirs was a life-long, fulfilling friendship. So when she asked about her friend’s condition I confirmed that she was going to die eventually and it would be fairly prolonged and uncomfortable but the illness was not what was killing her. She had not made the choice to live and that choice would determine what happened to her. She didn’t have to die but she did have to choose to live instead.

Immediately after the reading she went to the hospital and relayed my message to her friend. Then two months later I did a reading for the friend who was out of the hospital, nearly fully recovered. She thanked me for that message because it saved her life. She said that when she received the message it was as though a door opened and the Universe asked her what she wanted. She said that she wanted to live and felt her energy shift in that moment. Then she was able to recover enough to go home and start living her life in a more engaged way, no longer denying herself joy and fulfillment, determined to choose life and living in a very intentional and deliberate way.

We can’t heal anyone else, no matter how sick, wounded, or unhappy we believe they are, no matter how much we want them to or wish that their life could be different. What we can do is let them see how brightly our light shines so they can choose to make that choice for themselves.

I receive so many emails asking for help and guidance from readers, some of them are pleas for help, asking me to intercede with the Universe on their behalf because they have given up, are at the end of their rope and do not know what to do next. But I don’t have a special link to the Universe, magical powers, or the ability to change someone’s life path on their behalf. I can’t intercede on anyone’s behalf – no one can – they have to make a choice to live life in a different way before they can find the way to save themselves. They have to decide to live but more than that, they have to decide that they are ready to receive the unlimited abundance that is available to everyone, and they have to make that choice for themselves.

Each one of us can be a source of inspiration to others so that they can make the choice to find and shine their own light.

Sometimes the answer to our questions and the solution to our most dire problems is as simple as making a choice to live, to be happy, to have peace, to know love, to be in joy, to access our unlimited abundance. That choice alone will shift our energy into new frequencies and move us out of the density of 3D karma into the creation of 5D self awareness.

We believe that we are surrounded by so many complex choices but it is so much simpler than that. In the gap from where we are to where we want to be is a choice and whatever we choose will keep us in the gap or move us forward. The 4D bridge is the path between the power, domination, and control of the 3D paradigm and the light, joy, and creation of the 5D paradigm. Awakening puts us on the bridge, intention keeps us moving until we get to the other side.


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