‘Hedge Fund Formation’ Startup Services Guide

make money onlineTraders and investors who want to successfully manage assets in a flexible and pooled structure use hedge fund formation services. These services offer them the opportunity to either expand or build a money management business.

When it comes reviewing hedge fund startup services the task can seem a bit overwhelming due to the many variables and choices involved. Challenges become even more intimidating when dealing with the pressure of institutional infrastructure and the need to build a portfolio’s track record. Fortunately there are some options from service providers and processes one can follow for a successful hedge fund fund formation.

The Legal Process of Hedge Fund Fund Formation

The process of forming a hedge fund is more difficult than forming a corporation. There are a number of investment compliance laws to comply with. It is all too easy to be entangled in legal troubles if you don’t  seek professional help. The laws surrounding a business totally depend on the country and state an individual lives in. The laws will also change depending on the geographical location a person is seeking investor, the method used in contacting new investors and how many investors an individual is working with.

Do not be disillusioned by those who promise that only a small amount of money is needed for hedge fund formation. A significant amount of capital is required especially during the early stages. Even though others may start the fund with few amounts of dollars the additional costs soon add up fast.

Most in the industry would recommend a person to have deep expertise and experience. However, this is not always possible when you need a great team to raise capital when you are starting out with less capital. One way to solve this is by building a board of advisers.

The board must include peers in the industry, investors in your fund, friends or your employees who are paid hourly. This is your great way of receiving reliable and consistent advice for building your business without the need to hire 15 people to your operation.

There are two options one has to form a hedge fund. The first route is hiring an attorney to draft the documents. The second is using a fund formation template service. The second option is cheaper than the first.

Third Party Marketers

There are many discussions about third-party marketers which promise to show an individual how to find help in raising capital. Many people ignore this information. Third party marketers are consultants that assist fund managers to raise capital and in return take to obtain a certain percentage of the performance fee as their payment.

Most third-party marketing firms will expect a business to have been operating for three or more years and have $10 million plus in the capital and top quartile performance. These three conditions are mandatory so if one does not meet these standards, he had better learn how to raise capital by himself. It would be helpful to learn more about hedge fund marketing materials, capital raising strategies, and what investors are looking for.

Compliance and Regulation Advisory

It is important to arrange and meet up with two or three compliance professionals in order to figure out what to consider while starting your hedge fund. This is important because the compliance and regulation laws are constantly changing.

Most of the new ones don’t have a professional who works full time but they will always have someone who can provide advice and pay on an hourly basis. The best way to do business is to make sure that there is a sign-off approval by a legal counsel of this process before any marketing materials are sent or strategy is executed.

Prime Brokerage Services

There are plenty of prime brokerage firms and sales professionals who are quick to offer advice regarding the process of legally forming a fund and capital raising opportunities. This means they are going to try their best and deliver value to prove to a client that they are going to be a long-term resource.

However, it is important to be careful of brokerage firms who promise to raise capital through their capital introduction teams. Most clients do not get the attention of these capital introduction teams. In order to protect oneself, one should ensure they ask what tangible capital raising resources are available regardless of the track record. Such resources include video-based training programs, live workshops, books or investor contacts.

Third party administration services are have somewhat been commoditized so it is better to work with a group that one feels comfortable with and who has a clients’ interest in mind. After meeting with at least 5 administrative firms, there will be one or two that rise above the rest.

Annual Fund Auditing Services

An important area that needs to be researched on is auditing services. There are many auditing firms who would like to grow their business but there is only a handful who have focused on this space. Therefore, try to find auditors who have years of experience in the space and have a minimum of 30 total clients both as fund clients and investment auditing clients.

Training and Associations

Knowledge is needed in the whole investment industry. Processes such as management of portfolios, raising capital methods and trade placement require having expert knowledge in those areas. The more a person learns about the industry the more competitive advantage he gains over the start-up’s hedge funds. One can attend full-day manager seminars, marketing workshops or complete a certification program.

Associations and Networking Groups

Getting connected to some hedge fund association or any other networking group of a similar nature in the industry can really help. A person can learn more about what it entails to be a hedge fund manager and what investors expect. Such learning takes place through seminars, workshops, and online based video training resources. Knowledge is power and it will enable one to make critical decisions.

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