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Experiencing pain in your lower back is not uncommon. Finding the best way to treat it depends really on the cause. If your pain has been brought on from an incident where you twisted or tweaked something while you were lifting or working out, or you slipped, that somehow makes it more manageable.

When you know what the cause was, that will help find the best treatments. Sometimes, though, back pain comes in a little more slowly and it builds in a more insidious fashion. In these cases, relief may be a little more difficult to come by.

Cold as Ice

How many times do you see sports injuries being treated with an ice pack? When the injury has been caused by an impact or a twist, the first few hours after the injury are when cold treatment will help alleviate the symptoms and aid a more rapid recovery. Cold helps reduce inflammation. It also acts as a mild analgesic in the immediate local area.

If you know what triggered your back pain and can catch it early, applying a cold pack – even a bag of frozen vegetables – will help speed recovery.

Sleep in Serenity

It could be your bed that’s causing you problems. Many people think they have the most comfortable mattress but it could be that your favorite sleep position does not suit the mattress you have. Mattresses wear out over time as well.  Think about whether the mattress still suits you and your pillow too.

While we are thinking about sleep, many people finish the day with the help of a good book just before they doze off. Delving deep in to someone else’s world is a good way to take your mind off the pressures of your day. However, most pillows are made for sleeping, not for sitting. And packing out your pillows with cushions may not help – we all know that cushions are not manly anyway.

If you regularly read in bed or watch TV in bed or even use your laptop computer in bed (you do know screens do not aid restful sleep, don’t you?) you should think about investing in a bed chair pillow to help alleviate stress on your lower back. This will provide you with a more supportive and comfortable position to wind down.

Magic of Movement

Exercise is good for you … in moderation. That’s true for alleviating back pain as well. You may not feel like it, but try to keep moving. Don’t sit, stand or lie in one position for a long period. Keep on the move. If you can face it, carry out some gentle stretches that work muscles in those areas.

For a longer term solution, think about some of the yoga-style exercises that will help make your back stronger and suppler. Activities like that will help strengthen your core muscles and help your body build up the strength to offset the pain.

Position and Posture

Many lower back pains are caused by poor posture when sitting or standing or walking. Subtle changes to your regular position can cause problems. They can also alleviate pain. A new pair of shoes may help, adjusting the height of your work chair a little may help, placing your computer monitor in a different position will help, and using a full size keyboard instead of a laptop may help. The key to relief is finding out what has caused the pain in the first place.

Medicine by Doctor

At some point, you need to think about whether you should seek medical advice. There may be an underlying medical issue that needs to be addressed if your pain lingers. It is advisable that if you feel a need to take anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen for more than 10 days, you should seek medical advice.

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