When Home Remodeling Projects Go Wrong

Home remodeling is usually a thrilling time as you envision what your home will look like and plan exciting changes. However, not everyone has a good time doing it – especially when inept contractors are involved, or when the designer wasn’t knowledgeable about certain aspects of the house.

What follows are a few home fairly common remodeling horror stories, and what you can do if these ever happen to you.

The Bathroom Turns Into A Bigger Project

Usually, when people start remodeling the bathroom, they have a rough idea of the amount of work it will take. For example, moving out the large vanity in favor of a smaller, more conservative pedestal that creates more space can turn into a huge job if the plumbing is located there. Generally, it’s ill-advised to make any alterations to the plumbing . It can very expensive.

If you’re in Southeast California the plumbing experts to call and have take a look is PlumbingFix Downey . They’ll be able to assess the situation properly and gauge any pre-existing issues with your drains and pipes. The best thing to do in this scenario is not start a gutting job until you know what you’re up against. Otherwise, you could have a weeks-long, expensive project on your hands.

A Kitchen Miscommunication Setback

This has happened a number of times. Take extra precautions to minimize the chance of it happening to you. If you’re swapping out your cabinets and ordering new ones, the last thing you want is the wrong ones to arrive and set your project back weeks. Sometimes, it might even be a hassle to get the company to pay return shipping!

How to “solve” this issue? Due diligence.

After you make your online order, call the cabinetry company to double-check whether the correct order went through. Ask for an expected ship date, and do a follow-up the day before to triple-check. If they mess up your order after all that it’s time to get a full refund, go with another company, and leave an honest review of their ineptitude on social media. The best solution is to have a backup vendor for your cabinets on standby.

Don’t Attempt To Fix Your Air Conditioner And Thermostat Yourself

Let’s just get this out of the way. Don’t do it unless you’re rated as an HVAC repair-person. If you need to move the unit from one part of the house to another it’s best to have a licensed technician do it. In fact, call your local heating and air conditioning company for issues related to maintenance (which is one of the best ways to avoid future emergencies).

If your HVAC system is old consider having a new one installed because of the efficiency benefits. This will save you money on your energy bill. Ask a professional about the state of your system when he or she comes in to give it a once-over before any actual work is done.

Your home remodeling project should fare reasonably well if you keep in mind these solutions to common issues. Preparation is the best way to combat these failures.

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