How and Why to Take CBD

CBD oilNowadays, you can find CBD everywhere, in everything from vape juice and oils to coffees and cocktails. But what is this substance, and why is it such a big deal? Are these products safe? What is the efficacy of these products? And, most importantly, what can CBD do for you? Should you vape CBD (or ingest it in some other form)? Here’s what you need to know.

Why You Should Take CBD

In recent years, CBD products have gotten a lot of attention. Researchers are healthcare providers are excited about CBD, and for good reason: Research suggests that products like CBD e-liquids and CBD vape oils could help reduce troublesome symptoms of conditions like anxiety. Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and some other groups haven’t weighed in fully just yet, research suggests that CBD is good for nausea, anxiety, pain, and other problems.

But let’s back up for a moment: What is CBD, anyway? CBD is a cannabinoid, which means that it’s one of the “active ingredients” in the natural hemp plant, also known as marijuana. But CBD is non-psychoactive, which means that — unlike its famous cousin THC — CBD won’t get you high on its own. As a result, pure products are legal throughout the United States (even in areas where marijuana and THC are still illegal). The FDA and other federal agencies have been pretty hands-off regarding CBD because it is safe and not used recreationally, as are marijuana and THC.

Of course, you should always consider a doctor’s advice whenever you’re thinking of adding a new product to your health regimen. That applies whether it’s a CBD product or a multivitamin. Speak to your healthcare provider to learn more.

CBD Vapes, CBD Oils, Tinctures, and More

The case for taking CBD is pretty easy to make. This is a substance that may have impressive health benefits, and it is quite clearly very safe. But how should you actually go about taking CBD?

Well, that’s actually up to you. CBD is believed to be effective in a wide variety of forms, so you should be able to enjoy its benefits regardless of whether you are smoking CBD flower, vaping CBD vape juice, eating CBD edibles, or ingesting a CBD tincture.

The end result may be the same whether you’re dealing with CBD oil or CBD edibles, but it’s worth noting that there are certainly reasons to prefer one method over another. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to take CBD in the morning along with other supplements and daily health products, you may want to opt for a tincture or an edible form. A vape pen may also be a good choice, depending on how you feel about vaping in the morning.

It’s worth noting that vaping is still a relatively new thing. There may be risks associated with vaping, some experts warn. There have even been cases of vaping illness and, in rare cases, vaping injury. But it’s also important to remember that not all kinds of vaping are the same. Experts generally believe that vaping nicotine is safer than smoking nicotine (in forms like cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products). However, experts are also concerned with nicotine use in general, and fear that vaping could increase use among young people.

Additionally, some incidents with THC products have triggered concerns about vaping safety. But choosing a different sort of vape pen or a different flavor could easily influence these risks. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) doesn’t have much to say on the subject of CBD, and vape products that include CBD oil or CBD e-liquid have a good safety record so far.

Vape oil isn’t the only way to breathe in CBD. You could also smoke CBD flower. In most cases, marijuana has both CBD and THC in it. But growers have been able to cultivate special plants that have way more THC — or way less, as is the case with CBD bud. This makes a great alternative to CBD oil and CBD e-liquids for those who prefer a smoking experience.

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