How Certain Sounds DO NOT heal your Body

BeethovanJill Mattson – Waves interact. That is a fact. Two high crests of a wave double in size when they interact. When a crest and a low trough collide at the same time and place they cancel each other out. Waves interact and change each other.

You are energy. Your mind, body and feelings are energy, having frequency and pitch. Waves of sound and other waves interact and change each other. Outside sound waves change you. Want proof? Watch a movie without a sound track. You will not experience the same feelings from the movie without the sound. If sound interacts with you and changes you, how does it NOT heal?

Unnatural frequencies, such as those from cell phones and microwaves have been found to be very harmful to the physical body. Think of these man-made frequencies like a heavy diet of GMOs and unnatural foods.

How else does sound NOT heal? Imagine a flu bug, a tiny little critter that is alive floating around your body. Let’s say you have 10,000 of these tiny germs in your body. You can listen to a frequency that is the reciprocal of this nasty little guy and cancel him out. This is, in essence, how Rife frequency machines work.

Let us say that you listen briefly. The method works but you only killed 100 of the critters. Since your listening dosage was not high enough, you conclude that sound healing doesn’t work (because it is not enough to kill only 100 of 10,000 germs). Recall that sound blasts kidney stones. Sound can be quite potent. Dosage is a critical factor.

Your right and left brain hemispheres work simultaneously in different rhythms or brain waves. Sharry Edwards, founder of BioAcoustics, has shown that each hemisphere processes frequencies in an inverse manner. Wow. When using one brain hemisphere, a frequency can help you, yet with another brain hemisphere usage, it can hurt you!

(You can stabilize brain hemisphere usage by putting an ear plug in the opposite ear or nostril.) So some sound is good for you as you compute your taxes, but not when you day dream. So a frequency can heal, but then again, maybe not.

We assume each problem in our body is separate – that our arthritis is not interfering with our digestion or eye sight. Waves in the body interact – all of them.

In an example, we know that too much worrying can cause an ulcer. Wow a soft, invisible emotion can eat a hole in the physical stomach! Once again waves interact in surprising ways.

We acknowledge that our emotions can cause physical problems, but the reverse is true as well. When we are sick, our emotions sink too. If something physical was eating a hole in our tummy, we would be worrying. Some of our emotional problems have physical causes. We often treat a problem, but if it is not the root one, healing is temporary. The issue is to identify the root cause of internal body disturbances.

Ancient people understood that some body-processes are similar to the waves found in harmonic cascades. A harmonic is a pattern of sound that occurs after an initial sound. It follows a mathematical formula. In ancient times different instruments were used to subtly alter the body, because of their varied harmonic patterns. We don’t even consider this factor! Yet, our old friend Pythagoras did.

We have to consider the impact of rhythms outside of our body.  Our heartbeat and breathing change from auditory stimulus. Another rogue sonic variable! What about intervals, two notes played at the same time? Different intervals also color our thoughts, emotions and physicality.

We have NOT tackled and solved the great mysteries of sound. We managed to go to space and create wireless technology, but the complexities of simple wave interactions elude us. Sound energy is the next frontier, to turn health care, mental health care and education upside down with fantastic new discoveries. It holds the answer to many practical problems. What are we waiting for?

SF Source Jill’s Wings of Light Nov 2020

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