How to Benefit from a Qualified Life Coach in London

life coachOne in every 4 Londoners experiences mental illness, and the London community spends nearly £8 billion to address this issue. With the pandemic taking a toll on mental health, the NHS specialists suggest increasing mental healthcare, like post the Grenfell fire in London in 2017.

Mental ill-health can be as simple as a mental block; it is no longer a social stigma. You would have gone through a phase where you felt crippled by indecision while striving to achieve success. You are not alone since more Londoners suffer from poor mental health than Brits living in other parts of the UK.

When you want clarity of thoughts or bridge the gap between where you are now and wish to be, a professional life coach London can be of great help. Irrespective of what walk of life you belong to, a skilled coaching specialist can help you achieve even your most ambitious dreams of life.


London boasts a splendid $47 billion worth startup ecosystem, ranking #2 globally in Fintech and #4 in Edtech.

As an entrepreneur, you will be high on enthusiasm. But, at times, you would have something holding you back, paralysing your thinking capability.

A skilled life coach engages in interactive sessions, helping you take on aspects related to your work in ways you would not have thought otherwise. You can ideate better, thus improving your firm’s performance.

Drug Addicts

A recent report reveals that most druggies in London die due to cocaine overdose. The capital city recorded a nearly 90% increase in drug-related deaths, with about 25 deaths per million.

A life coach in London can be very assuring and make you believe you can start your life afresh. They take a friendly approach and make you revive your skills set, both at personal and work front.

With the right life coach, you can get back your life the way it was before your unfortunate drug misuse episode.


London has seen it all, from the British Rock in the 1960s, punk rock of the 70s to recent years’ underground electronic sounds.

Musicians need to be innovative and bring about a wow factor with every composition. A psychodynamic coach will work with your unconscious beliefs that dominate your thoughts. They enable you to conceive unique ideas for your music pieces that are sure to be a hit worldwide.

Stressed Techies

With Londoners clocking about 100 hours of overtime each year, more than a third of sickness absence days are due to stress.

At one point, you would feel stuck in the same daily routine, diverted from your actual life goals.

The skilled life coaches help you identify your stress points and explore workarounds to create new opportunities to overcome your work monotony.


London has one of the largest concentrations of higher education institutions, around 40. The University of London, Birkbeck, and Brunel University London count among the top universities in the capital city.

With 400,000 aspirants like you in London, it’s easy to lose focus from your long-term goals.

A reputed life coach engages you in sessions with intriguing questions, helping you assess and how to be successful in your chosen career path.


A recent report reveals that London boroughs like Croydon and Waltham Forest have divorce rates as high as 200%.

After a divorce, your life can be in a state of disarray. A life coach can help you gradually overcome your sorrows, showing you the ray of hope that you need to lead a peaceful life without your beloved ex.

A recent study reveals that the broader impacts of poor mental health conditions cost about £26 billion each year in London’s overall economic expenses. Amid the pandemic, consulting an EMCC registered life coach is not an option, but a must. It is most likely that you will feel hopeless around this time, and you need a guide like a life coach to empower you and help you regain your lost confidence.

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