How to Choose a Mermaid Wedding Dress

mermaid wedding dressAre you considering a beach wedding? If yes, one beautiful dress option is the mermaid wedding dress. As you can see they look amazing.

Quite simply it’s a beautiful dress. It hugs the body, flaring out at the bottom, which is why the style is described as mermaid. It’s one of the most perfect beach wedding dresses you can choose for your special day.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses Are Available in Many Styles

The mermaid wedding dress is available in many fabrics, colors and styles, each with its own benefits. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a mermaid wedding dress.

Consider the Flare Height

If you want to showcase your curves then select a mermaid wedding dress which starts flaring out at the hips. This style hides imperfections in the thighs and looks amazing.

If you want to accentuate your rear then pick a tight style with the flare starting at mid height or lower. This style reveals the thighs.  Then there’s the traditional mermaid style to choose from . This flares at the knee and looks a bit like a mermaid’s tail.

Consider Flare Width

Flare width is important. If you choose a slip flare get the wide flare. This has a definite effect on the bride’s shape. Or, for a standout look, go with a wider flare.

Flare Material Also Plays An Important Role

The flare can be made from the same material of the entire dress or alternative materials like silk or lace. Some manufacturers stack tulles on top of each other to make the flare more traditional and give the bride a princess look. Another popular alternative is to use fabric flowers such as roses in the flare for a particularly fashionable look.

What about a wedding dress with a train?

A wedding dress with a train is beautiful. When added to a mermaid wedding dress the train allows the bride to expose her curves. If you’re a traditionalist get yourself a mermaid wedding dress with a train. It definitely adds elegance to your look.

Go For A Flared Skirt With an Under Layer

Some mermaid wedding dresses extend the dress fabric down to the floor. They come with a gathered section in the skirt to allow the tulle underneath to be seen. This feature is typically available with silk or satin dresses.

If you’re a non traditional bride you might consider wearing a colored dress with white tulle showing underneath. There are a number of color options available online that are simply amazing.

Things to consider when choosing your dress top

Please note that there are a number of options for necklines and shoulders. The top can be designed with straps, a sweetheart neckline or be strapless.

Additional choices include going with sleeves or sleeveless, or having a plain top. Just choose the best design that works with your body type, style, and wedding theme.

The Mermaid style is not for everyone

You must have the body shape to wear a mermaid dress, as it doesn’t fit all body types. For example, if your hips are wider than your shoulders this style isn’t likely to look good on you. It also isn’t very flattering for the Apple-shaped body.

Final Words

Before buying any dress try it on to ensure it fits your body contours. You can also choose other beach-themed wedding dresses for your wedding. The main goal is to look stunning, and the wrong dress choice can entirely ruin your wedding look.

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