How To Contact Your Higher Self

higher self contactMissy Marston – Your higher self is who you truly are – an absolute conglomeration of your soul consciousness – while your self on Earth is simply a projection of your higher self.

Your higher self remembers all your past lives, all your past soul contracts as well as your current one, and is basically a more complete version of your self on Earth.

Your higher self has the job to keep you on track to accomplish whatever you agreed to do when you were born.

The higher self can steer you in the right direction and work with your guides to help you follow your life path, and when you take a wrong turn, they’re there to help put you back on track.

Unlike your fear-based ego, your higher self sounds more like your intuition. If you already listen to your thoughts closely, pay attention to those that have a positive, cautionary, compassionate, or overall good messages and intentions.

Those thoughts are your higher self communicating with you.

So how do you communicate back?

Lucid Dream – If you are able to lucid dream, you can easily manifest your higher self in your dream state! Just ask them to appear when you’re dreaming and talk with them!

Writing – Meditate until you feel ready and open and write or type a question. State your intention and who you wish to speak to (your higher self). Sit quietly, listen for the answer, and write it down.

You may be speaking with your ego at first, and you will know by the answers provided. When the answers become more wise and knowledgeable you will know you are speaking to your higher self.

Use Your Third Eye – Just as my mom has written about contacting loved ones through a ‘special place’, you can meet your higher self the same way!

Meditate until you are open and ready, and then imagine yourself meeting your higher self somewhere special to you (a garden, a porch, a field, a room in your home, etc. Anywhere you are comfortable with and can think of). When they appear, ask them questions or simply let them talk to you!

Make sure you can discern between your ego and your higher self – the ego is fearful, harmful, mean, obsessive, and over-protective. If your answers seem cruel or intense, keep trying to bypass it to speak to your higher self. It’s worth it!

SF Source Dreamcatcher Reality Oct 2020

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