How To Get A Tattoo Removed

tattoo removalYou may have gotten a tattoo for personal or cultural reasons, or you may have gotten it from a wild night out, but regardless of the reasons that nudged you to get a tattoo, you may want to remove that tattoo. Yes, tattoos are generally made out to be permanent, they really aren’t, and you can remove the tattoos at any time you wish to.

Tattoo Removal

The older tattoos are just as easy to remove as the newer or even amateur tattoos, but the tattoo color is one of the most important considerations when it comes to the removal of tattoos. Green, black, brown, and dark blue are easier to remove. The colorful, larger, and darker colors, are, however, more time consuming, which means that they are more expensive to remove. The lighter, less-colorful, and the smaller colors are cheaper and easier to remove.

But the color, size, and the darkness of the tattoos aren’t the only factors that determine the ease of removing the tattoo. The other factors that affect how easy or hard it will be to remove a tattoo include having darker skin, diseases/ illnesses like herpes, as well as preexisting skin conditions such as eczema. Note, however, that these conditions do not make tattoo removal impossible, thanks to laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Laser Removal

Laser removal is one of the most effective strategies or tattoo removal. It is also cost-effective. While there are different types of styles for laser tattoo removal, the Q-Switched laser removal is the best tattoo removal option. This laser treatment sends out energy in strong pulses, and the energy pulse sent out is what heats up the tattoo ink in the skin, dissolving it. For the complete removal of the tattoo, you’ll need to get a number of laser treatments taking place over a period of a few weeks or more.

Note, however, that the laser treatment doesn’t remove the tattoo completely, it only lightens the tattoo or fades the color, making it less noticeable.

Surgical Removal

The other option for tattoo removal is through surgery. Surgical removal of tattoos is not perfect, though, because it might leave a scar. Essentially, the surgical removal of tattoos involves cutting off the tattooed skin, and the surrounding skin is then sewn back together. Surgery is often recommended for the removal of tiny tattoos. Note that surgical removal is not one of the most effective strategies for tattoo removal.

Dealing with scarring

If you have had your tattoo removed or know of someone who’s had their tattoos removed, you know that scarring is a big issue, and some people end up regretting the move to remove the tattoo in the first place. The good news is that you could get rid of the scarring through scarification. Scarification is a body modification process working much like piercing and tattooing. Through scarification, the skin is chemically peeled, and the top skin layer is removed. All these modifications are done using an acid solution, and the scar formed from the process covers up any remaining ink.

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