“I Don’t Do Cover-Ups” – Donald J Trump

trumpJohn Michael Chambers – The Deep State and the Democrats are in complete panic mode as Pelosi pulls a trigger and ignites a bomb in a war of words stating that the President is covering up the Russia probe. In addition to that, they have invoked the “I” word as President trump indicated, that being, impeachment.

Here’s my take and its short and sweet. Team Trump is narrowing in on them and they know and their covers and insurance policies have blown up in their faces. Trump has laid all the traps and they are being drawn into them.

The stage is being set for the checkmate.

Hang in there fellow patriots, hang in there. There will be NO impeachment and Trump has nothing to cover up. The whole damn thing was a hoax. The Deep State, and the Dems are in full scale panic mode gasping for their last breath as the de-class is underway.

They are all going down. Think its intense now? Watch what happens over the coming weeks and months. We are with you President Trump. The people are with you 100%.

SF Source John Michael Chambers May 2019

2 thoughts on ““I Don’t Do Cover-Ups” – Donald J Trump

  1. Thank you so much for your incite into the Impeachment of Present Trump. I pray that will never happen. He is the only Present that keeps the America people up to date with everything. He said he would drain the swamp and is doing so.

    1. It’s because Trump is determined to drain the swamp that the Demon Party is so desperate to impeach him. If they do they are GUARANTEEING his re-election in 2020 because the people now know he did not collude with Russia, and there’s no evidence he obstructed their fake investigation. To the contrary there’s tons of evidence the Obama administration planned a coup to take him down. All their lies and deceits are finally catching up with them. Hopefully a few actually HANG for treason before all is said and done. -g

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