The Illuminati New World Order [Video]

The Orwellian state is truly upon us, this Documentary is required viewing. (Actual info starts at the 1:47 mark.  I’ve started the video at that mark below. – Gillian)

SF Source Zohar StarGate TV Jan 2018


One thought on “The Illuminati New World Order [Video]

  1. Really a good presentation of the subject matter. I believe that it should be taken in along with these two considerations:

    1. It was made in 2011, at the height of the Obama/Clinton regime, and pre-2012.

    2. Yes, it presents the ultimate, or the endgame of human trafficking. The only way they, or anyone other than ourselves, can access the realm of soul and spirit, however, is if we each as individuals relinquish our claim on our own connection to spirit. This is what “they” have worked so diligently to sever, via religion, education, technology, brainwashing (more accurately brain-disabling) of various sorts and stripes. It behooves each one of us to guard that gateway – beyond the material realm of genomes, etc. – the birthright we each have to immaterial, intangible reality, our spiritual nature nurtured within our own inner awareness.

    Thank you, Gillian, for your light shed through this medium.

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