‘We Are In Martial Law’ – Steve Pieczenik [Video]

trustAlexandra Bruce – Steve Pieczenik joined Alex Jones in a rather incendiary appearance to discuss the January 6th special forces raid of Democrat computers at the Capitol.

Steve triples down on his assertion that the entire election was a sting operation, “We marked the computers, we marked the ballots, we marked – everything was a sting operation. Nothing has changed.

“Biden is not going to be the President of the United States…there have been massive arrests and what I’m saying, in effect is that we are in Martial Law and we have a military coup – which simply means that there’s going to be a large number of people who are going to be arrested, detained, and will be tried by Military Tribunal.

“The reason why it’s military is because we no longer trust our CIA, we no longer trust our politicians, we do not trust our Governors, we do not trust our senior officials, who are in Congress or are in the Senate.

As in his past appearances on the Alex Jones Show, Steve repeats, “In seven days, it’s gonna be Trump. It will not be Biden. Biden’s people will be arrested. There will be people who will be arrested: Pelosi, Biden, Schumer. That’s what’s gonna happen. And if I’m wrong, fine, don’t put me on your show…If I’m wrong, I will never appear on your show again.

“But if I’m right, I become one of your official paid commentators…so we have that bet, right?”

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Jan 2021

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