In the Right Time and the Right Way

timeMary O’Malley – You are reading these words because you are on the journey back home – back into an intimate, alive, trust-filled connection with life.

And in the right time and in the right way you will know:

Deep healing isn’t so much about trying to create a particular reality as it is about showing up for reality.

Your life is trustable – that everything that happens is a part of your journey home.

No matter what your life looks like, you are exactly where you need to be on this homeward journey.

All things happen at the proper time and no matter what the situation is for you.

Life is hard for every single human being. It is also joyous, frustrating, heart opening, lonely, lovely and confusing and while it may not always be likable, it is always trustable.

Life will always be a constantly changing process – one day easy, the next day difficult and loss, fear sadness and frustration are a part of this journey.

You don’t need to resist the difficult times nor hold on to the wonderful times. Instead you can relax into life’s flow.

The challenges of your life are not here because you have done something wrong or you are paying karmic debts. They are here to show you everything inside of you that keeps you cut off from the kind of connection with life you deeply long for.

Every moment is either an invitation to be fully open to life right now or to see what keeps you caught in struggle.

The path to your freedom is in what is happening right now! When you realize this, you are no longer in a hurry to get someplace. You see it isn’t about arriving somewhere. It is about being with the fullness of life right here, right now.

When your doing/fixing/trying conditioned mind lets go of its grip on life, there comes a deep satisfaction of no one to protect, no one to be and the underlying world of being reveals itself.

Life is a flow – a great river that has been unfolding for a long time before you arrived and will continue long after you have gone. And you see that this moment, right now as you are reading, is the moment where you enter the flow, responding to its currents, becoming consciously one with it.

It is safe to relax into life.

SF Source Mary O’Malley Aug 2020

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