Relax Into your Divine Nature

Jafree Ozwald | Enlightened Messages
November 30 2011

You can find it is soooo easy to let go of everything bothering you right now and relax deeply into the very heart and soul of your being.

Something so sweet, healing and truly Divine happens the moment that you trust this relaxation process. Your essential Nature is so exquisite and beautiful that if I could show you that this is who you really are you would not believe me!

My invitation for you today is to simply relax and soften into your very core essence that is beyond thoughts, words and concepts. Be very still and know that you are this God Source!

If anyone you meet on your journey in life who says that you are not Divine, turn around and silently walk away. You are truly magnificent and it is your purpose to know this truth deeply, intimately, and in your heart of hearts.

The more you can relax the juicier your life becomes.

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