Cause And Effect

Enlightening Life | January 30 2012

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause creates an effect, or every action has a reaction. This law becomes important when we work with energy because it reminds us that energy is not judgmental or discriminating, it simply responds to manifest the result that mirrors the cause. We see this law at work in our lives every day because everything in our life, every situation, person, relationship and event is an effect or result, that was created when we moved energy in some way, consciously or unconsciously. In the world and in our lives, we are the cause and everything we experience is an effect.

This law is very simple and it governs how we interact with the world. It is possible to change the effect when we change the cause but before we can make those changes we must also understand what the cause is. That is, what was happening energetically and vibrationally within us to create the outcome that we have. And to do that we have to go beneath the surface because all energy creates, whether we are aware that we have that particular energy or not. So we are always creating an outcome with every thought, belief and word. And we create from the level of our lowest energetic vibration, no matter how unaware we are of it or how much we may want something different.

I often hear from clients ‘I want to do that but I don’t think I can’ or ‘I want that but I can’t afford it’. So while they are setting an intention for one thing, they are canceling it with their next thought. In this case, nothing happens because they have created and negated the cause in a single sentence so there can be no outcome, or effect. They will feel stuck and wonder why nothing is changing, it’s because they aren’t allowing the energy to move. Our deepest fears move energy as much as our biggest dreams and if we can’t energize an outcome, we can’t create it.

Every energy that we carry is included in our cause, or what we want to create. We must be aware of our doubts and fears and deal with them first, before we set our intentions for our reality. Do we believe we can have it? Do we think we deserve or are worthy of it? Can we envision it and do we trust in our ability to be a creator? Do we think the Universe really is our partner? Any fear is given equal weight so by addressing our fears, we remove them from the cause and we empower the outcome to reflect our greatness and divinity. Being energetically empowered is not a time to think small. We can have big dreams and we need to empower our dreams with big thoughts.

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