The True Identity of Jesus Christ

Johan Oldenkamp – When you are familiar with my work, then you who that I clearly dare to say that the historical Jesus never existed. By stating this so blunt and straightforward, I behave as the opposite of my mother, as she had the gift to get along with really everyone. That was the reason why yesterday so many extra chairs had to be brought, in order to offer everyone a seat at the thanksgiving service.

Very often I hear that people admire my work and commitment, but that they do not agree with all I say. Almost always they mean that they believe in the historical Jesus, and that they oppose my clear stand against this. They are even almost angry at me because they see it as me trying to take away something that apparently gives them so much strength and love. “Stay away from my beloved Lord Jesus, you infidel Judas”, they then probably think.

I am indeed an unbeliever. Christians get even more upset when I further assert that I did not believe in God. Who knows the Truth does not have to rely on believing what might be true. I know God because I have intensively studied the work of God, and I am still researching this. And all that I understand of this, I share via Wholly Science, in which God is also at the very center.

I strongly oppose against any form of creed. Believing is for people who can not or will not understand the truth. In the New Testament of the Bible, the character named “Jesus” says exactly the same, but much more subtle. He compares a believer with someone who builds his house on sand, or even quicksand in some translations. Only people who absolutely know the truth for sure, only they build their house on rock. The sad thing is that believers also interpret this parable on an unfounded religious manner, and in fact strengthen their conviction that Jesus was talking about blind faith, disconnecting themselves even more from the truth that Jesus stressed the necessity of knowing.

Is this all coincidence? No, of course not! Since the year 325, the powers behind the Roman Catholic Church have gained more and more control over people who are attracted to the Good Message. By doing the most terrible things, including murder (such as during the Inquisition), which is an undeniable violation of the Sixth Commandment of God, this power stronghold eventually succeeded to divert the esoteric movement of the Initiates in the Good Message into an exoteric movement of ignorant believers.

In the past period of almost two millennia, there are occasionally people who are able to see through the lies of “Rome”, and next try to tell others about this. The most famous of these was Martin Luther (1483 – 1546). But every time, “Rome” was able to infiltrate these secretions in order to prevent the reviving of the esoteric Truth of the Good Message. That is why it is said that “all roads lead to Rome”. This indicates that any one who dare to examine who really pull the strings on this planet (or who think they do), always ends up in the Vatican.

But now the Vatican has really a serious problem, as Wholly Science is the revival of the Truth of the Good Message. And to be clear: Wholly Science requires 100% knowing and 0% believing. In other words, Wholly Science is unbelievably good! Especially for people who understand that the authors of the Bible books of the New Testament were sharing esoteric knowledge in narrative form supplemented by parables, I started last year October with WS TV, which also explains the original texts of the Old Testament of the Bible.

Last Sunday, volume 12 of Wholly Scripture TV was released, in which I scientifically prove the true identity of Jesus Christ. But please notice that I have never asked to believe me. In fact, in my lectures I ask almost always to not believe even a single word of my story. So I never asked to believe that the historical Jesus never existed. But for anyone who wants to know the truth, I found rock-hard evidence about Jesus’ identity, in addition to the many arguments I have already made known. I found that evidence in the first three books of the New Testament, but only after studying these three books together (in conjunction). By the way, that is also the literal meaning of “synoptic”, which is used there to refer these three books. Do you want to see the proof of the true identity of Jesus Christ with your own eyes, and you do not (yet) have subscribed to Wholly Scripture TV, then you can buy this evidence (in volume 12) also separately for € 5.

SF Source Pateo Feb. 2017

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