Digging Deeper, Looking for Joy, Expanding Our Scope

joyPenney Peirce – For so many, it seems to be a time for justice and releasing much (righteous) pent-up outrage. For others, it’s getting a grip on Covid-prevention. For still others it’s a time for breaking through stuckness to find the next level of courage and soul-expression. We’re slowly finding our legs, our heart, and our direction after much chaos and smoke & mirror misdirection.

We still have the advantage of being somewhat sequestered due to the pandemic, which allows us the opportunity to tune in to what’s most important, to our key themes and work, and to the old blockages that want to be dissolved to free us for greater joy.

Joy has been on my mind, and in my heart lately. It cannot be underestimated as a profound motivator in life! I found a section on joy in an old book, The Opening of the Way, about the wisdom of ancient Egypt, by Schwaller de Lubicz. Here are a few slightly edited passages:

“Pleasure is not joy, only a satisfaction; and not all exaltation is joy. Joy is a movement of vital Fire, and makes the soul pick up its vibration. But this can happen only if the cause of joy—moral or physical—augments vitality with a gleam of consciousness.

“For the soul, being Fire and Light, lives on Fire and Light. Its tendency is to expand to the universal, and therefore its joy is in liberation from personal limitations. The joys of the world are extinguished by pain, but true Joy is impersonal and therefore knows nothing of pain, in fact uses it as fuel.

“Absence of joy is a sign of slackness or satiety or the complacency which neutralizes life. Worldly joy expresses itself externally but true Joy concentrates itself in order to multiply and increase its heat. Joy must be generated. When the Living Fire is active, it radiates and its radiance is Joy.”

As we enter a new season, perhaps we can keep Joy in mind, and body. Let’s experiment with allowing it to expand our scope and quality of life, our health and imagination, and protect us from cruelty and injustice.

SF Source Penney Peirce Apr 2021

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