Judge Dale (ret’d) ~ The Great American Adventure 2B: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Lord Acton, 1887

Judge Dale (Guest Writer) Shift Frequency | July 28 2012

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

The Founding Fathers rejected the Rothschilds’ request for another 20-year banking charter. In a fit of unbridled rage Mayer Amschel Rothschild requested King George’s help in fomenting war in the former colonies. King George’s advisers began plotting on Rothschild’s behalf. They believed if they could:

  • Destroy the American symbol of government
  • Eliminate specific signers of the Declaration of Independence who were considered trouble makers and
  • Burn the actual “Declaration of Independence”

They would, through these acts of force and violence, take the fight out of the American colonists who would then succumb to their plans.

Traitors Existed From The Beginning

Thirty of the 51 signers of the Declaration of Independence were loyal Americans. The other 21 were traitors secretly loyal to King George.  Of course today we laud these traitors as heroes and patriots. However it is the 30 loyalists who gave their last full measure of devotion in the cause of liberty who deserve our praise.

So what actually happened?

“Issues” between the colonists and England were gradually escalated until America became embroiled in a series of disputes with England. The White House in Philadelphia was burned. Specific American Loyalists and their entire families were murdered and their remains burned in their homes.

After a series of battles and skirmishes the colonists returned to their trades. Once again the Continental Congress declared America victorious but it was not a long-lasting victory. The usurpations and British attempts to undermine the new nation continued unabated. Events deteriorated until the colonists finally had enough and engaged in the War of 1812.

Ben Franklin Had His Secrets. Did These Include Treason?

Benjamin Franklin made numerous trips to England supposedly to visit an English woman who was his love interest. However, colonial documents suggest Franklin was a regular participant in sex parties held by the wealthy. So why travel to England to visit a love interest?  Can anyone explain (without Ben Franklin’s frequent trips to London) how the British military possessed the names and addresses of all 30 loyalist family members and their relatives, with specific directions to their homes?  Of course as you might have already deduced the 21 traitor Founding Fathers and their families were never harmed or threatened.

The Treaty of Paris (aka The Treaty of Peace) was negotiated by Franklin, Adams and Jay in 1783.  Unknown to the colonists this Treaty included an item declaring King George’s son, Prince William, the sovereign ruler of America.

Around the time of the signing of this treaty Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General, John Jay the first Supreme Court Chief Justice and Samuel Adams served as Vice President under George Washington for two terms before being elected as the second President of the United States.  Were those powerful positions based on merit or were they actually rewards from a grateful King?

Separation Of Church & State

The Constitutional amendment regarding ‘separation of church and state’  may have been added and adopted by the Founding Fathers because of the great historic influence continually wielded by the Pope and the Church of Rome.  The Founding Fathers were planning to control America for themselves. So it would only make sense that such a prohibition and amendment be incorporated into their business plan (the Constitution) to avoid an open confrontation with the pope and Church of Rome.  If the Holy Roman Church continued its infiltration of the new nation it was effectively prohibited from involving itself politically in the business of the new government.

George Washington Had His Secrets, Too

Few Americans understand the kind of man George Washington really was.  This first President had his own plan in mind. He desired to be King. It is highly doubtful he ever told the truth.  He may be a hero in the eyes of corporate state and federal government politicians but he was actually an opportunist, a liar, a tyrant and traitor to America.

Washington had a law background and relied upon the Articles of Confederation to enact his treasonous plan to become King and overthrow the newly created Republic of the United States. On April 30, 1789 upon his election to the Presidency Washington dissolved the organic Constitution for the United States of America signed under the Articles of Confederation and reinstated the Virginia Colony corporation. This effectively eliminated the first Constitutional civilian government.  When he fortuitously died at the age of 67 in 1799 Virginia his only rightful claim to fame is treason and the initiation of a legacy of military dictatorships within the office of the American Presidency.

“Sometimes the best hiding place is one in plain sight.” Edgar Allan Poe

Washington’s first official act as president was to install a corporate military government that replaced the constitutional civilian government.  This military government is intentionally hidden in plain sight and is evidenced by the military terms used to describe designated federal offices, (e.g.) Commander in Chief, Attorney General, Auditor General, Secretary General, Postmaster General, Surgeon General, etc. In other words, every federal office is supervised by a military general.

The Organic Constitution Falls By The Wayside

The organic Constitution bound the hands of the President and Congress. As such it had to be eliminated or circumvented. President Washington’s treasonous actions were fully supported by the first elected members of the Continental Congress. This is none other than Subordination of Treason and conspiracy.

Washington established the first Masonic Lodge in America with the intent of mustering the support of influential colonial families to declare him America’s King. To his chagrin his plan failed because he could not secure the influence or support required.  This is because many influential colonists were already in the pocket of King George and the ennobled Rothschild family. Truth be told Washington is lucky to have escaped assassination.

George Washington and the Continental Congress feared their treasonous conduct would become public knowledge and result in swift and certain reprisal. So they concealed these facts by hiring authors to write and publish a different account of historical facts.

Is It True Anyone Can Become POTUS?

During my early years in public school I was taught (and convinced) that anyone can become President of the United States. I was also taught that the American public made that choice.  Evidence now reveals that our presidential choices are pre-selected for us. Every high ranking candidate, either democrat or republican, has to be a member of the elite class and has to agree to adhere to the whims and demands of the high contracting powers who control and run the countries of the world via the United Nations. Nowadays these “powers” are commonly referred to as the Criminal Cabal.  Their Board of Directors operates on American soil under the protection of a European corporation named LUMICORP.

All of these controllers are of the same royal bloodline and form the nucleus of a secret society and criminal cabal known as “The Illuminati.”  We Americans have been indoctrinated through expert programming, conditioning, prejudice and patriotism, to treat information like this as ridiculous, absurd and untrue.

Time to grow up America! 

Look around you and look at your life. The controllers have been busy indeed. They have for all intents and purposes:

  • Eliminated the family farm
  • Eliminated locally owned stores
  • Massed people into large cities
  • Given our industry away  via international treaties
  • Undermined the power of unions
  • Issued valueless currency
  • Stole our gold and silver
  • Raised taxes to benefit banksters operating in secret and under the protection of the privately-owned “Federal” Reserve
  • Involved us in staged wars
  • Begun a mass foreclosure of American homes
  • Poisoned our air and public water

How long can you continue to believe in these complex Fairy Tales?

To be continued . . .

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