Judge Dale (ret’d) ~ The Great American Adventure 2C: “America! America! God Shed His Grace On Thee”

Judge Dale – President Abraham Lincoln was a liberal. He attempted everything within his power to avoid a Civil War. The published version of American history doesn’t reflect the fact that Lincoln had offered to compromise his stand on slavery. He proposed that “One seventh of the slave population would be freed each year during the following seven years.”  But there were forces unknown to him invested in instigating a Civil War and who were ready to blame its outbreak on Lincoln and the slave question.

These forces convinced the southern States to secede from the Union. Such action was certain to destroy the foundation of American government because secession by southern States destroyed the United States Congress’ ability to convene a quorum.  What this meant was all Acts passed by the Congress during the Civil War were unlawful.

Lincoln attempted to cure this lack of a quorum by declaring America at war.  He supported his actions based upon the War Powers Clause found within the by then unenforceable, organic Constitution of the United States of America.

Lincoln Assassination

To his credit Lincoln was the first President who intended to sever the European royal and Rothschild factions’ control over the United States. Like President John Kennedy this intention resulted in his death.

The European royal and elite factions preferred war to peace because war stimulated commerce. These high contracting powers held positions within society that allowed them to profit from every service generated by and within commerce, especially during war.  In addition, war served the purpose of diverting attention from both their subterfuge and Babylonian slave control techniques.

At the start of the Civil War Lincoln attempted to secure financing for the North from the Central Bank of America. This bank was named the United States Bank but in actuality it belonged to the Rothschild banking empire.  The Central Bank demanded a high interest, a lien on the government Treasury and repayment of the loan in gold.  Lincoln was so outraged by these terms and the lack of sentiment and patriotism that he promised when the war was over his first act would be to “Drive the Central Bank out of America.” The verbiage used in Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” reaffirmed his desire and intent to break the corrupt ties of the European royal and elite that controlled and bound America.

It was his stated threat about the Central Bank and his Gettysburg address that caused Lincoln’s assassination, not his stand on slavery.  It can be unequivocally stated that any and all threats leveled against America’s banks have resulted in political assassination and murder.

The Deceptive Confiscation Act Of 1861

The Confiscation Act of 1861 adopted during the American Civil War defined the rules of engagement and military protocol between the military governments representing the North and the South. It stipulated how the two governments and their military would deal with American citizens during the war.  The words time of war became  key in later years with the passage of the Lieber Code and the Trading with the Enemy Act. The Confiscation Act specified that anyone who fought against the government of the North would automatically lose his property. It also stipulated that non-combatants who suffered loss or confiscation of property were entitled to lawful compensation.

The Confiscation Act was just a legal ruse, the reason being that it was impossible to prove you were a non-combatant and therefore not guilty of a crime. It was no different than the standards set by the Catholic Inquisition and the Salem Witch trials in which everyone accused of “witchery” was burned at the stake or drowned because the accused could not prove he or she was not a witch.

The Lieber Code

In 1863 The Lieber Code and General Order No.100 were signed by President Lincoln. This Code is similar in nature to The Confiscation Act. It defined how Union soldiers were to conduct themselves in time of war and specified that any military officer who violated this Code was to be treated as a belligerent.  The word “belligerent” became another key word. It set the precedent to define defendants as “combatants”  and, as such, subject to the Confiscation Act and the loss of liberty and property.  This is precisely what happens to defendants in America’s courts of justice which are, in actuality, America’s military courts.

The First Geneva Convention Treaty Was Unenforceable Due To Fraud

In 1864 the Virginia colony (America’s corporate military government) under the guise of the United States of America entered into an international treaty titled The Geneva Convention.  International treaties are recognized by all world governments and carry more force and affect in law than national constitutions or individual contracts (i.e. statutes).  Now this particular international treaty specifically prohibited any and all military intervention and/or operation of military courts of justice over the civilian population of a conquered nation.  Sad to say this treaty never carried the weight of law in the colonies. It was null and void at its inception due to the fact that, at the time of signing, the United States of America was operating as a corporation known as The Virginia Colony. Factually this means America had become a conquered people, conquered by the European royal and elite and its own federal and state governments. With the stroke of a pen and expert use of legalese, deception, patriotism, propaganda, fear and intimidation America was in actuality conquered. It had been subjected to the truism coined by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his 1839 play about a Papal conspiracy “Beneath the rule of men entirely great,  the pen is mightier than the sword.”

Lincoln’s Declaration of War under the War Powers Clause (Article 1, Clause 8 of the Constitution) has yearly and secretly been renewed by Congress and all Presidents.  Their renewed Declaration of War specifies that the private corporate US Government is at war with America and its people and defines the American public as “the enemy of the state.” This is the real reason why most presidents and members of Congress continue to serve outside powers and ignore the stated interests of the American people. The mention of a Constitution by the corporate government is done primarily to appease the beliefs of the American people.  Congress, judges and BAR lawyers privately laugh at Americans who claim protections under the no-longer extant organic Constitution. Nonetheless  politicians and media pacify the American public with phrases such as “We are a free nation and a nation of laws, protected by a Constitution.” This sounds safe and comforting and that is what the bulk of society cares about – being safe and comfortable. We equate safety and pleasure with freedom.  That said are you aware that in December 2011 Congress repealed the Bill of Rights and in March 2012 repealed the 1st amendment and ordered a media blackout of both events?

Who Killed The Organic Constitution Of The United States And How Was It Accomplished?

In the year 1865 the Congress of The Virginia Colony secretly rewrote the organic Constitution of the United States of America not once but twice. They deleted the 13th amendment and moved the original 14th amendment down to the thirteenth position.  Unknown to most Americans the original 13th amendment prohibited lawyers from ever holding a seat in government. It is a sad fact that in today’s America 98% of all government offices and 100 % of all judges of the courts of record are held by lawyers.

The 14th amendment followed on the heels of the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation was supposed to free all slaves and define rights of citizenship. The 14th amendment did just the opposite. And future re-writes of the Constitution added the 15th, 16th and 17th amendments without a Constitutional Convention or public vote. These amendments were actually rejected by every State Government of the Republic. However, the Secretary of the Congress ignored the rejection letters and reported to Congress and the media that these amendments had been ratified by a sufficient number of States.  These amendments gave the Federal Government the authority to tax the people into poverty. Since illegal “passage” these amendments have been used with great proficiency to the detriment of We The People.

Since their addition arguments against them have been made before the Supreme Court. This has resulted in the high court declaring that the legality of these amendments was a political issue and not a judicial one. The Court has subsequently refused to rule on them. The sad fact is the Secretary of the Congress got away with this deception because the Constitution was never intended for the American people.  The Colonists were functional illiterates and it was easy to pull the wool over their eyes. The same strategy continues to be used today to keep Americans basically functional but legally illiterate.

Despite the fact these secret rewrites were without public vote or legality Congress adopted the rewritten Constitution in Washington D.C. It became the ‘proprietary law’ for the District of Columbia.  Proprietary law carries with it the same force and affect as a city ordinance. Since the District of Columbia is not a recognized State this ordinance is only enforceable against the residents of Washington, D.C., variously known as ‘federal foreign citizens,’ ‘United States citizens’ and/or ‘14th amendment citizens.’

The ‘words of art’ created by the 14th amendment entrap us all.  It, along with the 13th and 15th amendments, amended the Reconstruction Act. The Reconstruction Act binds all State governments and officials into the District of Columbia as extensions of the corporate federal government. This underlying deception creates a second set of duplicitous governments – state governments – which are actually federal conclaves of governance with state officials functioning as federal officials.  Despite all these shenanigans these offices remain separate and without the sovereign status attending the birth of all natural born Americans within the several states.

Washington D.C. Is Not A State

The residents of Washington, D.C. are actually ‘federal foreign citizens’ because Washington, D.C. is not a state and therefore is alien to the American Republic.  Prior to passage of the 14-17th amendments Americans residing within the states were referred to as “sovereign citizens of the Republic.”  The power of the word sovereign comes from the Declaration of Independence and God.

The illegally constituted corporate government fears the sovereign citizen because corporations and politicians have no power over the source of law. Sovereigns are the source of all man-made laws. This is why sovereign citizens were never provided with the opportunity to vote on the passage of any of the government’s planned statutes, the majority of which are designed purely to control We, The People. Statutes are written and passed by Congress as though senators and representatives are sovereign over the “kingdom” of America, when they are not.

So, contrary to popular opinion the 14th amendment did not free anyone but rather enslaved all except for a list of 300 influential families who were granted immunity from the 14th amendment. This list of names can be found in the Congressional Record of 1865. These received diplomatic immunity.  What the 14th Amendment did was make all public officers and people in residence within the District of Columbia 14th amendment citizens. These have a bounty enforceable against them for non-payment of the public debt, later changed by Congress into the National Debt!  This so-called Public or National Debt currently belongs to a private corporation named The Federal Reserve.

In actual and legal fact this bounty cannot be enforced outside Washington, D.C. All natural-born Americans residing within the states are still sovereign American citizens of the Republic.  The word “sovereign” is derived from the law of kings, and means that the source of law is derived from the King and therefore can never be enforced against its source. 

As sovereign citizens of the Republic each American is the source of law and therefore the force of law cannot be enforced against an American sovereign except by We The People and not by any government.  If there isn’t truth in what I write why has the federal government exercised such pains to facilitate this complex political conundrum and fraud?  This fraud explains why every law is civil, even laws defined as criminal are actually civil.  Through such sleight of hand contracts are enforced against sovereign citizens.

In Summary

By the third Constitutional rewrite we all unknowingly became a 14th amendment citizen and the collateral property of the corporate United States government. This government consists of the king or queen of England, the Vatican, and the Sabbatean/Rothschild royal family faction.  Our lives, our destiny, our children, our credit, our labor, our freedom and all we perceive to own has been leveraged against the unlimited spending practices of that body politic.  Our money was once backed by gold. Since 1933 it is now “backed by the good faith and credit of the American people.” This unbacked, entirely fiat currency promises absolutely nothing and has no ascertainable value.

In closing, every time you complete a government form or tax return you are asked, under penalty of perjury, to check a box indicating that you are a United States citizen, meaning a 14th amendment citizen.  What you should be checking is the box that reads “Alien of the United States” IF you are not resident in Washington, D.C. or the territories of Puerto Rico, Guam or Samoa.

Unless you are employed by the government or resident in federal territory you are alien to the Federal Government and not their corporate property.  Each time you check “United States citizen” you  entrap yourself by reaffirming your consent to being corporate property and subordinate to the parent corporation. If, at a later date you try to recant that admission you are guilty of perjury.

Ingenious . . . isn’t it?

To be continued . . .

Shift Frequency | August 21 2012

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