How Long Can You Stay in Ketosis

Losing weight is never a simple task, yet it’s something that millions of Americans try to do each and every year. There are always those fad diets that seem to be circulating, the hottest weight loss plan from the celebrities, and those tried and true ways of losing weight.

One of the more popular routes people seem to be following as of late is a keto diet. This diet is all about limiting the intake of carbs and eating foods high in fat instead. When you limit the carbohydrates you are eating, it means your body doesn’t have that same level of glucose to use for energy, which sends it into a ketosis state.

So, who exactly is the keto diet meant for and how long can you stay in ketosis?

Who Can Use the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is meant for those looking to lose weight. Because you will be drastically reducing the amount of sugar that you eat, it has shown to be helpful for diabetics and pre-diabetics to follow. There have been a number of studies done on diabetics and the keto lifestyle, and one even found that seven of the 21 participants who had type 2 diabetes were able to stop their diabetes medication by following a strict keto diet.

Now before you go and start any diet, especially if you have underlying medical conditions or take medication, you will need to speak to your doctor first.

How Long Can You Stay in Ketosis

Once people get the hang of the meal plans and start to notice weight coming off, it’s natural for them to want to continue. Common questions include how to stay in ketosis and how long it’s safe to stay in that state.

When a person’s body enters a state of ketosis, it means that it is being fueled almost entirely by body fat. This can also happen when a person is fasting. In normal instances, the body uses blood sugar/glucose for energy, but when there isn’t a supply of it the body will make fuel molecules to use. These are called ketones. This molecule is produced in the liver and the brain and body will end up using it as fuel.

This could actually be a more natural state for humans in general, as medical research has shown that early humans were probably in ketosis much of the time thanks to the large quantities of meat they ate.

If a person wishes to stay in the ketosis state, then they need to be sure they track their carbs each day, moderate their protein level so it doesn’t get too high, and test their ketone levels on a regular basis. This will indicate when you need to make adjustments.

As far as how long you can stay in a ketosis state, there is no set timeline. Staying in it permanently can result in health hazards, so again, it’s best to speak to a doctor.

It’s About a Lifestyle Chance Rather than a Diet Plan

The keto diet truly is more of a lifestyle choice rather than a diet plan. With clearance from your doctor, it could be exactly what you need to get your body to your goal weight.

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