Laser treatment for hair removal

hair removalAre you fed up of tweezing, shaving or waxing to get rid of unwanted hair? Laser treatment for hair removal is the new way to say goodbye to that unwanted and irritable hair. Why this option is worth your consideration, let’s find out further in this article.

It is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures all across the world. To remove unwanted hair, it uses the light of high concentration and beams into the hair follicles you need to remove. The follicles’ pigments absorb the light beam and destroy the hair.

Laser treatment for hair removal: Benefits

Both waxing and shaving are widely used methods for hair removal. The difference with laser treatment for hair removal is it permanently removes the hair from your body. They never grow back. The results of the laser treatment for hair removal methods are long-lasting and highly effective in comparison to usual hair removal methods. It is highly useful to remove unwanted hair from your face, chin, leg, back, underarms, arms, and bikini area as well. Some of the biggest and attractive benefits of laser treatment for hair removal are:

Precise technique: The laser treatment for hair removal only aims at pigmented areas of your skin. Therefore, it only burns the specific hair follicle, and there is no harm caused to the skin around it. There is three-stage of laser treatment for hair removal:

(i) Anagen,

(ii) Telogen, and

(iii) Catagen

It is effective when hair is at the Anagen stage i.e., when they are still growing. A beaming light of high concentration targets the hair follicle and heats it. It prevents the growth of hair follicle any further. At Dermani Medspa, you get highly personalized and high-end laser removals services.

Effective: Laser treatment for hair removal is a highly viable option for a permanent hair removal process. Being used since 1977, the FDA has approved it. Here, permanent reduction in hair refers to a long-lasting and stable decrease in hairs regrowth after the treatment. It permanently reduces body hair. However, science doesn’t back up the fact that it removes all body hair. To remove them forever, they have to be the Anagen stage. Therefore, it is crucial to get multiple sittings of laser treatment for hair removal treatment after every 4-6 weeks.

Speedy hair reduction: It removes the hair follicles at lightning speed. The design of the laser is in such a way that it treats several hairs of a large area and all of them simultaneously. The treatment takes 15 to ½ an hour for large body parts, depending on the area where treatment is required. Neither there is any downtime post the treatment nor there any sticky residue.

Minimal discomfort: when it is about laser treatment for hair removal, the level of pain varies among the patients as pain tolerance of every person is different. Most of the people claim that it feels like someone is pinching gently or snapping a rubber band over their skin. The area which needs the treatment also determines the pain intensity. Few body areas are sensitive to others. Some people experience waxing painful than that of laser treatment.

Reduction in ingrown hairs: Ingrown hairs show up usually in the body areas where you would have waxed or shaved previously. They develop due to the uneven breaking off of a sharp-tipped hair. Whereas, it is not the case with laser treatment. There are fewer chances of ingrown hair as the process is different from waxing or shaving.

Even if hairs grow back to post the laser treatment, they are sparser and more beautiful than before. There is a change in your hair texture; thus, there aren’t any chances of ingrown hairs.

Preparation before getting the laser treatment for hair removal

It is much more than merely zapping off the unwanted hair from your body. Laser hair treatment, a medical technique, carries some potential risks and thus needs a professionally trained person to perform it. Before you opt for the procedure, go through the credentials thoroughly of the concerned doctor who will be playing the system.

Limiting waxing, plucking, and electrolysis is mandatory for at least six weeks before getting the treatment. It is so because laser hits the hair roots which are otherwise removed due to plucking or waxing.

Avoid too much sun exposure for at least six weeks both before and after the treatment. Or it will make the medication less effective, and the generation of complications is more likely to happen after the procedure.

Process of Laser treatment for hair removal

Right before the treatment, they trim your hair. Usually, doctors use topical numbing medicine and apply it 20 to 30 minutes before he begins the procedure. It helps to bear the stings of the pulses that the laser beam generates. The laser treatment equipment is adjusted as per the color and thickness of the hair apart from the area of the treatment.

You will probably need to put on eye protection depending upon the light source or laser being used. The doctor protects the outer layer of the skin using a cooling device or some cold gel. It allows better penetration of the laser light into your skin.

Further, the doctor gives a light pulse to the area and watches it for a few minutes to ensure the preciseness of the setting. It also helps him to understand if any skin reactions are occurring.

After the completion of the procedure, the doctor gives you ice packs and anti-inflammatory lotions or creams for easing any discomfort. The next treatment sitting is usually scheduled 4-6 weeks post the treatment. The sittings are continued till the growth of the hairs is permanently stopped.

Related risks and recovery

After getting the treatment, your skin will look like it is sunburned for at least two days. Moisturizers and cold compresses help to cope with the situations. Unless there are any blisters on your skin, wearing makeup is fine the very next day after the laser treatment.

The treated hairs will begin to fall out after a couple of weeks. Never forget to wear sunscreen for preventing temporary changes in skin color.

Though the occurrence of blisters is quite rare, it happens in people with dark complexions. Other side effects that are likely to occur due to laser hair treatment are:

♦  Redness

♦  Swelling

♦  Scarring

Hence, always seek professional advice before undergoing laser hair treatment to avoid any discomfort and skin issues in the long run.

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