Water Filter Tips [Video]

EWG February 25 2013

Eco-living expert Laura Turner Seydel and Environmental Working Group Executive Director Heather White explain the importance of filtering your tap water and how to find a water filter that fits you and your family’s lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “Water Filter Tips [Video]

  1. Some good advice, but even a 3 stage reverse omsosis system isn’t enough. It is recommended to have a 5 or 6 stage reverse osmosis system. However, most systems use the same filters for their pre filters. I found a system that uses 3 different pre filters, and also has a DI stage to ensure alkaline water.

    Carbon filters such as the ones above in the video really only help to remove the amount of chlorine and a minimal amount of chemicals. They don’t really protect you from much.

    After doing much research, the best system I could find on the market was a 6 stage with DI from Aquasafe Systems at a price of $182.15 not including shipping. Click here if you interested in checking out this system, but after about a month of research on the contaminants in the water and the systems on the market, this was the best system I could find.

  2. These simple carbon filters are not enough. If you aren’t at least using a 3 filter Reverse Osmosis System or completely distilling your drinking water and replacing with trace minerals, you’re doing very little to your tap/drinking water. Balancing water PH, testing for fluoride and PPM is also a must. I know it sounds a bit much but they know this and so should we.

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