Towards A World Of Balance And Harmony

Katherine Frisk – At one point in my life I was studying psychology and religions, both ancient and more recent roughly at about the same time. I noticed a correlation between the two that paralleled each other.

A child, roughly until the age of seven is closer to its mother than to its father. It is intuitive, right brain dominant, creative where dance, music, sound, pictures and drawing play an important role and has no concept of boundaries or possessions.

The same can be said for ancient religions and early societies. They were matriarchal in nature, worshiped the Goddess, everything was understood in a circular nature of repetitive cycles. Dance, cave paintings and intuition played a dominant role. Rebirth as with nature was taken for granted.  There was no sense of  boundaries or possession and within groups everything belonged to everyone.

From approximately seven years onward the child starts moving out of the embrace of its mother and becomes ever closer to the father figure. Dad will fix everything and Dad is seen as the great protector. The child enters school and learns reading, writing and arithmetic. Boundaries and the concept of possession and left brain thinking become important. As well as the concept of a beginning, a middle and an end. A straight line. Boys and girls compared to nursery school, now become separated through sport, interests and friendships.

The same can be said for religions and societies. From approximately 3, 500 B.C, we see the rise of the all male God, until by 300 A.D. worship of the Goddess disappeared altogether. We developed hierarchical structures with the monarchy sitting on top of the pyramid with a divine right to rule all his subjects. The written word, keeping of records and math, logic and reason began to replace intuitive cyclical patters with straight lines in architecture and rigid forms. The concept of possession began to replace communal ownership.

From puberty until early adulthood is a most confusing time. This is when we become aware of our own sexuality and the opposite sex. We rebel against our parents and rules and regulations that are imposed on us. We move towards independence of thought and action and start exploring subjects that most interest us rather than what has previously been prescribed. It is a confusing time for many, with both inner and outer turmoil. Right brain functioning now plays a bigger role and returns to balance out the individual where up until now the emphasis has been on left brain functioning. Music, dance, creativity and the latest fashion statement become all important as does “the in crowd,” gang mentality and group think. Hopefully by the time we reach adulthood we have learnt to use both to our benefit..

Due to the printing press instead of relying on interpretation of a text through another persons perceptions and bias, we can now read religious texts ourselves, be discerning, apply critical analysis and learn from them. In all religions we are rediscovering right brain, intuitive, direct knowledge of God through meditation and what some would call the Holy Spirit, as opposed to going through a Rabbi, Priest, Iman or Monk.

brainThis balance spiritually, emotionally and physically is not to be confused with LGBT rights and transgender toilets. Gays, lesbians and transgender individuals are minorities who by all means should have their rights respected and not be persecuted. But at the same time, they comprise at the most, 5% of the world’s population. It is ludicrous to impose their morals, values and lifestyles on the majority, where humanity is essentially a male/ female family structure as is the brain, in its right and left brain functioning. Rather what we are approaching here, is as the French say, “Viva la Difference,” but at the same time realizing that both genders are right and left brain functioning human beings and each individual has different talents and abilities falling anywhere between the spectrum. A woman may be a brilliant mathematician, while a man might be a talented dancer. These talents and abilities do not detract from their sexual orientation and identity, rather they add to the person becoming what they are best suited for.

We are learning to be part of a family, at the head of which is a mother and a father. To be part of a group, and yet still respect individual boundaries, likes, dislikes and personality differences. To be part of a society and work towards the common good, and yet at the same time to nurture individual innovation, creativity and property. To be part of a Nation with common goals and aspirations and yet at the same time to protect minority rights. To be part of the world with common international laws and norms and yet to respect Nation Statehood, different cultures, traditions and different religions. The winner takes all ideology is being challenged by negotiation and win- win opportunities for all sides. I cannot think of anything that defines being “Christian” more than that.

Genesis 1 gives us the answer. “God”in the Hebrew here is Elohim. El- male, Ohim – female and we, the whole human race are made in their image within the sacred 7 days. This is the Alpha. The Bible ends with a wedding, between the bride and the bridegroom, Omega. As it was in the beginning so it will be in the end. If we want heaven on earth, then this is the goal that we need to work towards, As above so below. Where the great Judge, with equal justice for all is balanced out by Wisdom the Holy Spirit of the Sophia, in the New Jerusalem where all nations are welcome and gathered and there is no temple with exclusive access to the inner sanctum by a select infallible priest or an elite bloodline family. .

Judging from the conflicts that we see around the world today, we still have a long way to go. The unipolar, dictatorial last gasp  of a left brain dominant world order based on feudal, corporate fascism and a hierarchical structure of oligarchs ruling over the masses, is in conflict with balancing out a right brain,  multipolar, popularist  need for Nation Statehood, cultural identity, self empowerment, equality and justice for all.

Perhaps in this the 21st century humanity  might finally graduate towards religious, social, economic and political maturity and adulthood instead of the completely adolescent out of balance and confused situation that we currently find ourselves in.

SF Source The International Reporter March 2017

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