Let Trump be

TrumpEdward R. Long – To paraphrase words in a Beatles’ ballad, my inner self comes to me speaking words of wisdom. “let Trump be.”  Who President Trump is, how he is, what he says, and how he says what he says is Trump.  For all of those who would advise him to say things differently, to behave differently, to react differently, to think differently is for those individuals to provide him poor advice and to make him someone he is not.

President Trump, as who he is, speaks in the manner of a New Yorker.  I have heard him in the fish markets and elsewhere on the streets and in local small businesses in that city.  And I have heard his voice in small towns throughout Flyover Country.  His is not the voice of Washington, D.C., of political correctness, of embedded politicians.  His voice is that of We the People.

The things he has done and how he has done them during the past four years have brought success, security, prosperity, self-esteem, and national pride to millions of everyday Americans.  He has, to paraphrase the words in another song, done it his way.  So please, all of you esteemed critics: Let Trump be.

SF Source American Thinker Oct 2020

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