Let’s Talk about Black Privilege

black privilegeRich Logis – There are approximately 250 million Americans aged 20 and over.  How many don’t believe that black lives matter?

I want a number, backed up by evidence — not a dissertation, pontification, polemic, manifesto, or Socratic dialogue.  A number.

Not having to provide a fact-based number: black privilege — yes or no?

Take NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, who imagined a noose the way the narrator in Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart imagined a droning beating heart.  A hysterical black American creates unnecessary panic over a noose found in his garage; draws 15 FBI agents to investigate, at a total of tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money; investigation confirms the black American’s story was paranoia; FBI goes home; nothing happens to the black American for making a false accusation and creating unnecessary panic; continues to receive fawning press in the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex).  Black privilege — yes or no?

Lincoln County, Ore. exempted from mandatory mask-wearing “[p]eople of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public.”  Black privilege — yes or no?

Black Americans saying the “N-word” without fear of recrimination of being called racist: black privilege — yes or no?

During the recent George Floyd–related terrorist looting and riots, retired St. Louis, Mo. police captain David Dorn was shot and killed; he was 77.  His death was recorded on a phone for the world to see, in a grotesquely grim The Truman Show moment for the nation.

Dorn’s alleged murderer, a 24-year-old ex-felon named Stephan Cannon, was convicted at 18 for violent felony robbery and was supposed to serve a seven-year sentence.  But he never served a day thanks to leniency from the presiding judge.  The violent ex-felon subsequently twice violated his probation but, alas, never went to prison.  Cannon is black; his two accomplices were also black.  So much for gun control.

Cannon is entitled to Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed rights.  Our legal system is so “systemically racist” that Cannon will (once again, as a repeat offender) benefit from liberties 39 white guys decided over two centuries ago should be the law of the land.

As a free black ex-felon after committing a violent crime and then violating his probation: black privilege — yes or no?

Sadly, black privilege did not save Dorn’s life.  Rest in peace, Captain Dorn, who left behind a wife, five children, and ten grandchildren.

When a free black man, with dozens of priors, allegedly kills a white cop, and no one hears about it on CNN or on the pages of The New York Times, was the black man privileged?  Such was the case in May, when Officer Cody Holte, of the Grand Forks, North Dakota Police Department, was gunned down.  Holte is survived by his wife and infant son.

DMIC blackout of black-on-black crime: black privilege — yes or no?

Do the members of the Congressional Black Caucus have privileges by virtue of their race?

Would a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman as white as the driven snow garner more looks of suspicion in West Baltimore than a black woman?  If no, then doesn’t the black woman have black privilege?

White and Black Privileges

Either we all enjoy some privilege or we have none at all.  I happen to consider everyone who lives in America privileged, including blacks — and illegal aliens, which I discuss in my upcoming first book, 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat: How to Make America Grown-Up Again.

Ask a black American about black privilege.  If he says none exists, then neither does white privilege.  If, however, he concurs that there’s black privilege, he will likely immediately pivot from an abstract argument to a quantification argument — that whites have more privilege than blacks.  Once he makes this pivot, he has now TKOed himself, because a quantification argument requires a number; the onus and burden of proof is on the black American.

How much more privilege, then, does a white have?  The black American will never give a number because:

1. He doesn’t know the number.

2. Any number he provides cannot be confirmed by anything other than the outcome he wants to come to.

I want a mathematically determined number — not a Washington Post narrative.

What’s frightening and unnerving about most black Democrats is that they actually do believe that they are manacled victims of a multi-century, furtive, surreptitious, systematically racist cabal of the affluent Caucasian patriarchy enacted in 1619 or 1776.  If you believe this, you’re not going to grow up wondering if your problems have anything to do with your own decisions and actions.

Black Democrats are not like affluent white Democrats, who believe none of the balderdash that comes out of their mouths.

What I see in Black Lives Matter is a group in pursuit of revenge, not equality.  Inequality is the new equality.  No matter how much Goebbelsian public relations Black Lives Matter receives from the DMIC, no reasonable American is mistaking the group for those who attended Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 or the Selma to Montgomery marches two years later.

The conditions where black Americans have it worse — including problems with the police — are in cities run by Democrats for tens of thousands of consecutive days.  Machine gun–owning Jeffersonian constitutionalists living in towns whose local diner menus read “breakfast, lunch, dinner” aren’t enslaving black Americans, despite what Don Lemon says nightly.

Would it be fair to say all participants of Black Lives Matter are violent?  No, but it’s not the peaceful ones I’m worried about.  When Black Lives Matter colludes to tear down statues and monuments, they’re not doing so to rewrite their Democrat history — they don’t know anything about history.  They destroy and deface because terrorists kill, annihilate, and terrorize just for the sake of it, indiscriminately.

What we’re discovering about the professional Democrat protest class is that they think quite similarly to Islamic supremacists.  The Woodstock generation has produced lite versions of Osama bin Laden — this is the actual legacy of the Democratic Party.  Islamic supremacists always recruit the young, the vulnerable, and the ignorant and always seek to expand.

The only substantive difference between Democrats and Islamic supremacists is that the latter have just been doing it longer.  If some of these Democrat terrorists could obtain suicide vests, I have no doubt some would detonate it in a crowd of women and children.  Many don’t associate the Democratic Party with Islamic supremacists, Nazis, Soviets, and Maoists because the Democrats don’t have genocides associated with their party.  But terrorists of similar feathers flock together.

The sympathy well has run dry, black America.  You may not want to hear that, but you need to hear it.

SF Source American Thinker Jul 2020

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