The Gnostics On The Archons [Video]

Lisa’s conversation with John Lash was so enjoyable and the information so in depth that this became part 1 of a 2 part conversation.

John gives his most complete, concise telling of the Sophianic Myth as well as an in depth understanding of who/what the Archons really are.

SF Source lisamharrison  Dec 21 2014

6 thoughts on “The Gnostics On The Archons [Video]

  1. Enjoyed the journey with Lisa and John, insightful analogy and well timed. Love finding alternate pieces of the great gnostic puzzle. Saying that this interview was down to earth just doesn’t quite capture the true essence. Thank you for sharing!
    In gratitude,

  2. Very powerful. Unique and different way of looking at the world and the creation story. Romantic and elegant. John tells this story in a way that makes you fall in love with Sophia.

  3. What a extraordinary and mind-blowing interview. Highly recommend you all awakened to watch. Ties in nicely with what Yellow Rose 4 Texas has been speaking about recently

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