Why this Liverpool post code should be next on your buy to let investment list…

You should know by now that Liverpool is a go-to location for property investment, but have you heard of Waterloo in L22? The charming metropolitan borough which can be reached in 20 minutes by car or train is the new kid on the block when it comes to top property investment areas.

The rising popularity of Liverpool as a place to live and work has attracted billions of pounds in cash investments in recent years. Dynamic regeneration schemes across the city are improving housing, office spaces and leisure facilities, and companies like RWinvest are lapping up the potential for property investment with several lucrative buy to let deals.

Liverpool is a fantastic place to put your money, if you can afford it. The creation of new hotspot districts such as the Baltic Triangle and the Fabric District are driving up property costs in the central region. However, it’s not all doom and gloom because Waterloo is establishing itself as a staple investment location which should be on every investor’s to-do list.

With strong tenant demand and high-quality properties at affordable prices, it’s clear to see why landlords are opting for this suburban retreat. In fact, property costs can be around £100,000 more in South Liverpool’s popular zone in comparison to the much lower prices of property in Waterloo.

Just because L22 isn’t right at the core of the city, doesn’t mean that people don’t want to live in this underdog of Liverpool post codes. The borough is a hit with tenants of all ages who are keen to rent in a pleasant and practical community that offers the best of both worlds.

Pretty streets lined with trees are sprinkled with an assortment of bars and restaurants to appeal to young residents. Well-known branches such as American Pizza Slice which also feature on Liverpool’s Bold Street are raising the profile of its eating and drinking scene to millennial tenants.

Transport is also ideal with a frequent Merseyrail service running between Waterloo and Liverpool city centre in just 20 minutes. Professionals working in Liverpool’s business district who might have previously opted to live in nearby city accommodation are now on the hunt for cheaper alternatives in commuting distance to the workplace.

The supreme railway facility plus the straight road into the centre make it easy for Liverpool employees of all ages to enjoy the perks of working in a world-renowned urban location whilst paying less rent in surrounding towns in L22. Besides, most residents would expect to travel 20 minutes or more to get to work in a central business district anyway, where walking is often the fastest route, so this efficient journey time into the heart of Liverpool doesn’t put workers off.

Additionally, types of tenants not usually targeted in the city centre are becoming model residents for Waterloo’s market. Instead of solely single professionals and postgraduates, it’s young couples who are thinking about starting a family that investors are recognising as a prime tenant in the area. Young families are attracted to the pros of suburban areas, including desirable schools, lower crime rates, quieter streets and even a beach, that aren’t as easy to come by in the centre of town.

The nature of Waterloo’s location and general vibe make it a more permanent residence for most tenants, providing landlords with secure investments in buy to let property. So, if you’re looking at Liverpool as your next potential destination, be sure to refrain from ruling out this hidden gem and its lucrative property deals.

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