Looking for Greater Life Satisfaction?

life satisfactionAren’t we all on the search for greater happiness and life satisfaction? It’s a universal goal, yet there’s no universal solution to achieving it. Everyone must take their own path of learning and self-development to find peace, contentment, and happiness in this life.

There are many strategies for achieving this including finding an occupation you enjoy, changing habits, and indulging in things you love. It can also be helpful to eliminate certain things that are bringing you down. Take control of your life today by eradicating these seven negative habits and lifestyle choices that are inhibiting your goals.

1. Excessive Drinking

The occasional glass of wine is unlikely to cause a problem, but too much drinking can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. It impairs your way of thinking and can lead to a dependence that gets in the way of personal and professional relationships.

Furthermore, excessive drinking can lead to dangerous habits like driving while intoxicated. If you’ve been charged with a DWI, work with an attorney to achieve the best outcome and then vow to never experience this problem again—you and everyone around you will be grateful for your commitment!

2. Toxic Relationships

There are more than seven billion people on this planet, and while we all have our choice of friends and colleagues, we often find ourselves in a toxic relationship. A friend or family member may manipulate you, drain you of emotional support, make you feel bad about yourself, or encourage harmful habits.

It’s never easy but cutting this person out of your life will lead to a better outcome. Life is too short to stay connected to those who drain you—find another person who will encourage and support you rather than drag you down.

3. Harsh Judgments

When you speak ill of those around you, it not only scars that person, but also harms yourself. Harsh judgments, gossip, and rumor-spreading are typically a sign of low self-esteem, and feeding these habits worsens your self-esteem rather than making it better.

Start by second-guessing a harsh judgment and replacing it with a kind thought or word of encouragement. Then, look inward and find ways to lift yourself. As you become acquainted with your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be more inclined to uplift those around you.

4. Drawn-out Appearance and Grooming Regimens

Being well-groomed and well-dressed can be a major boost in confidence and is a social convention we must all live by. However, it doesn’t have to take hours out of your day. If you block out more than an hour to get ready each day, consider simplifying your care regimen and replacing it with a more productive activity. This may mean reducing the amount of makeup you put on or getting a haircut that’s easier to style.

With the extra time you save daily, eat a healthy breakfast, meditate, go for a jog, or engage in other productive activities. These self-care tactics will make you feel and look more confident than any amount of makeup or trendy clothing.

5. Always Wanting More

If you live your life always wanting the next best thing, you will never be happy. Stop putting limits on your happiness, saying that you’ll be content only when you get the job of your dreams or when a trial ends.

Find a way to be happy with what you have in the moment. You’ll find that peace and satisfaction come from within, not from material goods.

6. A Job You Hate

If you’re unhappy in a situation, never forget that you have the power to change it. Quote William Ernest Henley’s famous line, “I am the master of my fate,” and look for a job that’s better suited to your needs, wants, and skillset.

Never delude yourself into thinking that you can’t be good enough for the job you want. Work on the skills and qualifications necessary to get that job and don’t stop until it’s in your hands. Don’t waste your life in a career you hate when you could be making a difference in the job you love.

7. Self-Doubt

Most importantly, cut off the negative voice in your head that says you’re not good enough. You can’t control the words and actions of others, but you can control the thoughts in your own head. When that negative voice surfaces, squash it with positive affirmations.

If you struggle with self-doubt, you might adopt a few practices for overcoming it. You might say five things you love about yourself as you get ready for the day or keep positive quotes around your house. These little things can go miles in stamping out self-doubt and enabling you to achieve your ultimate goals of peace, satisfaction, and overall happiness.

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