Wrapping It Up

loveMaureen Moss – This has been a defining year of demise, uprise, amplification and realization. The demise has spoken for itself. As has uprise. Amplification on behalf of Love and our hearts along with realization that our lives shall now evolve by choice not plan, puts our Life into new perspective as we enter 2018.

Powerful energy dispensed via gateways, eclipses, doorways, moons, and undiluted God Source energy that mystically poured through our central cores, were meant to give us a genuine, visceral, grounded experience of our higher nature and our future luminous selves. Concepts were transmitted from the future that many may be discovering are taking gentle form… in present time.

This is a meaningful month in a meaningful year that deserves a coherent conclusion. Rumi wrote, take the pearls and leave the shell behind.
Take time to transcribe with clarity what this year revealed to you. Brush off the debris from the collection of exploding perceptions, realities, relationships, and even dreams not meant to be at the time.

Love, patience, flexibility, awareness and an uncanny desire to loose control and a need to know is key as we wrap things up (primarily karmic,) this month and head into what promises to be a New Year that will defy human logic, both personally and globally.

My sense is supernatural may be a word best describing the activities and purposeful living of many.

The New Age Is Behind Us

Leaving far behind the New Age of spiritual information in lieu of the Golden age of Wisdom and Activity powered by Love (and truly embracing the distinction,) promises to transform and support your new directions, creative life-force and Self-Mastery more rapidly than imagined.

Not to say there will be no further steep steps to climb… for their will be… however, ownership of new Life belongs to the loving, integrated Self-informed.

You are wired to inform yourself in every moment. No room now to rely on the informational reports of another. Though often exceedingly helpful they cannot be your map. Your map needs your particular connection to it and the manner by which it is informed.

You Are What’s Ahead

Use the remainder of the month to become deeply in touch with your Self before the new gusts of 2018 energies begin blowing their certain up-swells of change on every front. Don’t concern yourself though with what is ahead. You are ahead. How you are ahead depends upon the support and advancement of the clarity you personally receive now (from within yourself) and every now ahead. Every now is super-charged with generosity for your utilization of its power for good…for the good of all, for the good of You.

More than once I have heard from Jeshua, we are in a field of energy that is our perfect servant. You have custody now to evolve any way you desire.
Like swashbucklers we are, daring and adventurous, carving paths with swords of Love.

Pray tell what 2018 holds in store!   Use the doorway from this year into the next to step beyond your disbelief.

Blessings to each of you during this Holiday Season and Holy Month. May the New Year richly bless you.

Know You Are Loved!

Maureen Moss, © 2017

SF Source Maureen Moss Dec 2017

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