Crystal Healing For Cats

Animal Energy | July 30 2012

“Topaz with amethyst” photo courtesy of Hibiscus Moon

Crystals are vibrational healing tools that work through resonance. They have been used in healing humans for centuries and in last few decades have been adopted for healing felines as well. Each crystal has a specific vibrational frequency and amplitude that reverberates or resonates with, and attracts the energies of certain qualities or traits to a cat. Think of this as the unique “personality” of a crystal.

Crystal healing is a non-invasive, harmless modality that works on any living being. In cats it can be used for balancing and calming emotions, reducing stress and fear, clearing energy blockages, energizing and rejuvenating the physical body, treating common ailments and assisting with both acute and chronic conditions. It can also be used to encourage expanded states of consciousness. When using crystals in healing, it is important to be centered, balanced and grounded, and to have a clear intention for the outcome you desire, otherwise your thoughts, fears and imbalances may easily be transmitted to a cat through their conductive energy.

There are a number of ways to use crystal healing with felines. An important consideration is that if a crystal is small, your cat will probably think it’s a toy, and will bat it around until it is lost.

One of the best ways to use crystal healing for novices is via hands-on healing. This can be done by using either a predetermined crystal layout, or your own intuition. Hands-on healing takes time, but you can be much more precise about the area you’re working on, and for the length of time you are directing the energy. You can also incorporate crystal points to extract or channel in energy, and you’re there to witness the (often rewarding) reaction of your cat.

If you have less time on your hands, here are some other ways you can use crystals with your cats (always practice safety first):

  • Placing larger (inedible) crystals in an area where your cats like to hang out
  • Wire small ones on to the side of a carrier or cage
  • In the water bowl (make sure they’re non-poisonous and too  large to be ingested)
  • In or under their bed (place tiny crystals in a pouch and place with the cat’s comfort in mind)
  • On a collar or halter; in a tiny pouch, with a wire wrap, hanging by a bale, or on a collar already embedded with them (I am not a fan of collars for cats)
  • As a gem essence; in their drinking water, applied topically to the skin, or sprayed on their bedding
  • Wear them yourself around your cats
  • Send your cat the “frequency” of a particular crystal through radionics or intention (this requires training)

Cats tend to be very sensitive to energies so I prefer that they be allowed to come and go freely from the crystal, and not be forced to be around it 24/7 until they let you know that they truly enjoy the energy.

Crystals I Commonly Use For Cats

  • Amber – absorbs and dispels negative energy, heals on all levels, detoxifies, great for arthritis, allergies, asthma, bladder issues, infections
  • Aventurine – stress, fears, relaxation, to heal emotional scars and promote confidence
  • Black Onyx – parasites, bowel issues
  • Blue Lace Agate – calming, cooling and soothing, good for overly vocal or heated animals
  • Carnelian – strengthens appetite and life force, and increases the will to live.
  • Citrine – for diabetes, emotional sensory overload, low immune system
  • Garnet – reproductive issues
  • Hematite – grounding, calming, soothing, kidney issues, blood disorders
  • Lapis Lazuli – respiratory issues, detoxifying, dietary assimilation, enhances the energy flow
  • *Malachite – arthritis, allergies, travel sickness, obsessive behavior, brain integration, radiation, heart, liver
  • Selenite – the best crystal for any type of cancer, for serious illnesses, detoxification
  • Smokey Quartz – extreme stress, grounding, calming, nervousness, for travelling or moves

Or, to ease your way into crystal healing, you may want to start off simply, with the master healers. They are four crystals that can be used for any condition, anywhere on the body.

Master Healers


  • Clear Quartz – the ultimate healing crystal, one of the most versatile and useful crystals. It amplifies other crystals it’s used with, known to raise vitality, strengthen the immune system, alleviate pain and inflammation, cleanses and purifies blood, and speeds up healing of injuries. Use it for everything!
  • Rose Quartz – the crystal of unconditional love (my favorite), great for abused, abandoned, rescued and grieving cats, great for fear, brings forth confidence and love, good for nervous cats, anger, aggression, and muscle tension.
  • Amethyst – great for pain (physical and emotional), calming, stress, grief, fear, panic, and pining, great to use if a cat has to be quarantined or kept in a crate or cage for any length of time,
  • Turquoise – strengthens the meridians and subtle energy field, viral infections, protection, to strengthen the immune system, heal the whole body. Miracles happen with turquoise; I had an elderly cat client that wasn’t eating and wouldn’t get up and we placed turquoise by her bed, she was up and eating in no time.

*A word of warning – certain crystals are poisonous if licked or ingested in their raw form. Malachite contains high levels of copper and can cause serious or fatal blood poisoning. Cinnabar contains lead. Please be careful how you use these and thoroughly check out the safety of any new crystals you introduce.

Crystal healing is not a substitute for veterinary care.

7 thoughts on “Crystal Healing For Cats

  1. I have two kittens and the one will not stop licking my clear quartz crystals. Is there a reason for this? Thanks

  2. Lynn and Gillian, thank you from my heart for this message. My little Arcturian black cat, Rocky Rocket, has been very upset lately with what I believe is the increase in photon energy. He seemed wired and was not able to settle down. I write in the past tense, because after reading this article, I blessed an Amethyst, asked it to send and receive love, and put it beside him on his bed. He was extremely interested and within a minute, he had tucked it next to his hind legs and relaxed. This is marvellous, thank you again. Love, B.

    1. I’m really happy to hear this, Barbara. I, too, have 2 cats (Chloe & Dashby) and was exceedingly grateful to Lynn for the info provided in this article. I trust Rocky Rocket continues to receive relief from his new crystal friend. Blessings ‘n blissings ~G

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