Devices for the Magnetic Alteration of Water

E.M. “Bo” Long – The devices shown below create “trap water” but without the usual fuss and bypassing of hundreds of gallons of water that is a characteristic of the classical water traps. I now use these simpler devices for making my own “trap” water, and they have superseded the other trap which I created earlier and which is also shown on this web site (Gravito-Magnetic Water Trap.)

A fine bubble limewood aquarium diffuser colliding the bubble train with a powerful pot magnet.

The magnetically altered water from these simpler devices is as strong as any trap water I have ever made myself by other means or sampled from other makers, but this does not imply that the traditionally made trap waters are obsolete. It is likely that the vortexial separations and magnetic levitations present in the more classical traps create a subtle spectrum of substances that should not be devalued or dismissed.

Trap water theory and the psycho/physical effects of ingesting it  are well explained on this site elsewhere, so rather than dwell on that here, I will only add some other possible adjuncts to the theory.

The first paradigm shifting thought I had with these newer traps was obvious–they were not “concentrating” or “corralling” or “separating” theoretical ormes in the theorized fashion of the typical traps . They were just somehow altering a set small quantity of water, and all that water was active–there was no stratification or zoning of strength that I could detect.

The second paradigm shift occurred when I found that triple distilled water could be energized, charged, or whatever you want to call it. Since such water should have very little of the original ormic forms of the transition group metals in it and only the most minute quantity of colloids of any kind, it was surprising that it would nonetheless yield a strong “trap” water with  the usual psychic effects.

Barry Carter thinks that the ormic forms are present even in triple distilled water and that this may account for the phenomenon. I really couldn’t say for sure, but the experience did inspire me to look further into the possibilities whereupon  I found on the internet some enticing hints as to the possible chemistries which seem to revolve around hydrogen and its isotopes and perhaps some very unusual forms of hydrogen and oxygen.

In other words,  altered hydrogen could be a major player in the process of deforming the gold, rhodium, iridium, etc. atoms, or altered hydrogen could itself be a major player in the ormic psychic response and not even require ormus to be present  for the psychic effect unless of course we want to now include altered hydrogen in the ormus pantheon in which case we are still talking ormus here. Articles discussing this are linked at the end of this page.

However, bear in mind that water from natural sources with a high mineral content or water that has been faintly doped with complex mineral dusts such as Azomite to simulate natural waters still creates the most psychoactive product, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that the distilled water experiment contradicts traditional trap water theory which presupposes the presence of transition group metal colloids.

Rather, these devices have led to a  further breaking down of the problem through a process of elimination and have just added another area of inquiry if not a question mark to an already intractable subject. You may also have noticed that the “vortex” which is a typical requirement of most traps is absent in these devices except that in the case of the “bubbler” and “shaker” modes it really isn’t. The vortex has just been reduced in scale and reiterated to manifest interstitially in the bubble trains.

To me, the most astonishing thing about magnetically altered water is the strange “field” that emanates from freshly made, strong trap water. About half the people who have tried my water can feel this emanation very distinctly and at some distance from a container of the water. Other trap water makers have discovered the same response.

The field is slightly related to the felt effects of ingestion, but most people find it to be too weird and discomforting to actively seek it out by staying in close proximity to the containers. They find that drinking small amounts of the water is much superior to interacting with the field externally. It may be a “scalar” or “torsion” field which can be a very odd creature indeed. Googling these terms will lead you into that subject of high strangeness.

In light of all the unknowns surrounding this subject it would perhaps be wise to shield children from this enterprise and its products until we have a better grasp of what is going on although there are testimonies from users who have had success using trap water and other ormus products to help children with autism, and some parents are very enthusiastic about the results of giving trap water and other ormus type products to their children especially if the child is having chronic emotional difficulties.  We can not, however, absolutely guarantee that these products are “safe.”

I have been ingesting my own trap water for the past 18 months to good effect and there are many years of user reports which seem to report nothing very dangerous going on at least with the products other than the ultra high energy acid disaggregated powders, but I can also attest to the slight potential for habituation since the response most likely involves biochemicals such as serotonin, melatonin, pinoline, and DMT.

Finally, there is the question of why some people “feel” these products and others not although the EEG tests described elsewhere on this site indicate that even people who claim no response can show large changes in brainwave patterns nonetheless. There is a link below to two articles which hint that there could be a genetic factor at work here involving gluatamate decarboxylase and the GAD1 gene, and also verification of a suspicion some of us have that ormus might be very useful in treating substance abuse. However, that biochemistry provides no explanation for the cross space bioeffects of the weird “field,” so we are still confronted with a very intriguing mystery here, and anyone who wants to meddle with this must understand that they are participating in an experiment with an uncertain outcome. Personally, I think it is worth the risk.


This was the first of the “bubbler” type devices showing a simple aquarium pump which forces air through an aquarium diffuser and then on  through a cluster  of 1/4 inch diameter neodymium magnets. For purposes of illustration,  the diffuser has been pulled away from the magnet cluster. 

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SF Source Subtle Energies Feb. 2017

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  1. Yours is a very concise and eloquent explanation, which adds to the validity, and veracity, of your hypothesis. Do you have a diagram of this device?

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