Mainstream Fake News Media Losing the Info War

fake newsTruth Hammer – It’s funny watching mainstream media try to label people like Cates & Patel Patriot as “QAnon extremists”.

Let’s have fun unpacking that a bit. These are guys who focus 100% on open source intelligence, and 0% on Q. I know Patel a bit behind the scenes and he’s been very clear that he’s never even read the Q drops, because he didn’t want any posts by an unverifiable source to influence his research (my wording, not his).

And what’s funny about it is Q spent 3+ years trying to get people to understand just how much open source intelligence is out there, and showing us examples of connecting the dots.

Now the left is going after anyone who dares to do their own research, and report non-official-narrative news.

And we all know that’s what their fits are really about. The billions the corporate media spends every year crafting and disseminating official narratives is massively undercut by independent journalists pushing facts that MSM narratives can’t explain.

This is not like sports where opposing teams can adjust their lineups and go back out there and try to win next season. This is literally an information war, and the MSM is permanently losing minds that don’t ever come back onto their reservation after waking up.

The delicious icing on the cake was Q basically saying “go out there and do your own research, and stop talking about Q… don’t even mention Q anymore”… who epitomizes what Q tried to teach better than voices like Cates & Patel P? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I love watching the media scramble and figure out how to deal with guys and gals like this. Doing so exposes their agenda more and more… which is why they’re losing. The MSM is now damned if they stay silent, and damned when they try to silence us. Trump, and whoever the hell Q is, did a brilliant job maneuvering the MSM into this lose-lose situation.

SF Source Patel Patriot on Telegram Nov 2021

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