Majority of Republicans are Wise to Liberal Media “Fact-Checkers”

fact-checkersThe Mad Patriots – The rise of Donald Trump gave rise to another media phenomenon: The ubiquitous media “fact-checker,” employed to come out of the woodwork anytime Trump or another Republican says something that cuts against the liberal narrative. While these fact-checkers occasionally find it within themselves to “check” something particularly egregious said by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Bernie Sanders, they devote the majority of their time to supposedly debunking conservatives.

This, says the Pew Research Center, has not gone unnoticed by most Republican voters. According to a new poll, the vast majority of registered Republicans do not have any trust in the independence of these fact-checkers.

“As fact-checking organizations are increasingly being tapped to fight against misinformation, Republicans appear to have serious concerns about the fairness of these groups,” reports Pew. “Democrats, on the other hand, mostly think they are fair to all sides.”

Funny how that works.

A full 70% of Republicans believe that fact-checkers go out of their way to provide cover for the left while only 29% of Democrats believe these sites come to the table with bias. 69% of Democrats believe fact-checkers are fair to all political ideologies.

Even so, the fact-checkers are doing better than the larger mainstream media in terms of their reputation for honesty.

“Roughly seven-in-ten Americans (72%) say news organizations tend to favor one side when covering political and social issues – notably higher than the half who say the same about fact-checkers,” reports Pew. On the Republican side, that translates to 89% of people who say the media is biased. Strangely enough, even 57% of Democrats believe the same thing. We’d like to imagine that they aren’t idiotic enough to think the media favors conservatives, but, well…

In any event, the perception of fact-checkers and the larger media as being biased against Trump and the Republican Party isn’t going away anytime soon. Mostly because the media, instead of trying to rein in their bias, has leaned into it since Trump took office. That’s where the clickbait lies. That’s where the ratings can be found. People want to tune in, get their dose of outrage against the BAD ORANGE MAN, and tune out again. And from NBC to the Washington Post to PolitiFact, they have a neverending supply of their drug.

Not sure what these institutions are going to do with themselves once Trump is out of office, but that’s a problem we’ll leave them to figure out.

SF Source The Mad Patriots Jul 2019

One thought on “Majority of Republicans are Wise to Liberal Media “Fact-Checkers”

  1. That’s why viewers for CNN and MSNBC continue to decrease. Fox News, even though part of the same media complex, has seen an increase in viewers because it at least makes an effort to report more truthful information, especially about the president and current issues such as the border wall and the deep state. At least Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson do (with Hannity supposedly being aligned with the white hats according to Q anon if you follow that movement). However even Hannity is reined in by Rupert Murdoch’s upper level minions when he gets too far into Truth territory. But I would say the MSM has irreparably damaged itself with its overt bias, which just proves that the MSM are a weaponized mouthpiece of the deep state that can never be trusted again. Most people see it. This creates an opportunity for Trump and others to create a new media company and news source that is not part of the legacy weaponized media and to which people would flock in droves. People are starved for Truth and they can tell something is wrong with the dinosaur media sources. The first part of waking up is turning off the tv and disconnecting from MSM.

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