Mars Retrograde ~Election 2020 [Video]

JUS Elections 2020oseph Anthony – In this Special Update video I discuss the implications of Mars retrograde in Aries.

The Elections this year in the USA are going to be filled lots of possible scenarios, riots, more protests, voter fraud, contested results, etc. New financial news is also highlighted.

This month we enter the unpredictable realm where anything is possible. The Full Moon at the beginning of September is requiring us to take a hard look at our spiritual beliefs, while Mercury in Libra will be asking us to find balance and tranquility.

We’ll also have an opportunity for some more fun and playfulness as Venus will be visiting the flamboyant sign of Leo. However, the big news this month is the planet Mars going retrograde in Aries. This reversal is usually a game changer as our motivation to move forward slows down and we begin to look within ourselves at what we’ve accomplished and where we’re going.

When Mars is in its retrograde cycle, we are forced to re-assess our current projects, our approach to getting what we want, and our desires. Our goal during a Mars retrograde period should not be to simply sit on our impulses or to squelch our enthusiasm. Rather, it should be to better understand our impulses, our survival instincts, our anger, our sexuality, our inner courage, and the ways we go about getting what we want from life. The cosmos are asking us to look before we leap rather than throwing ourselves into action, just for the time being.

We start off September still feeling the effects of last month’s creative New Moon that energized the sign of Leo. In the first weeks we’ll be recognizing and sharing things that make us feel special, inspire us, and bringing out our uniqueness and creativity. We might aim to allow our “inner child” to come out and play, and possibly commit to plans related to games, sports, recreation, speculation, hobbies, children, romance, and dating.

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SF Source Joseph P Anthony Sep 2020

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