Marxist Sanctions Against Americans

Virtual-JoeBrooks Agnew – In case you missed it, Virtual-Joe has, for the first time in American history, called for Presidential economic sanctions of a member State because the citizens of that State dutifully and legally passed legislation requiring voters to have ID in order to receive a ballot.

This attacks the very core of our Republic and violates the Constitution so directly, that the State has no choice but to resist.  These sanctions would be meaningless, except that they economically attack people of color and the city of Atlanta more than $190 million in a single fiscal year.  This is what the US would do against a foreign enemy, not against a State.

The Marxist puppet, Virtual-Joe is ordering federal economic sanctions against The Masters, the Atlanta Braves, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Atlanta Hawks along with UGA & GA Tech. football? They are doing everything they can do, short of marching federal troops into Georgia, to ensure cheat-by-mail is the only election system in America.

They have used it twice in Georgia in less than 3 months, and it worked flawlessly both times.  True, a few young staffers had to be assassinated who were about to go public about the criminal nature of Ballot-R-Us, the massive counterfeiting operation that creates bogus ballots needed by the Marxists to cancel out the vote of US citizens.  That is a small price to pay for unmitigated victory.

It is now the internal policy of Virtual-Joe to use the Establishment Party in Washington to sanction any legislation any State happens to sign into law.  He has already made public his intent to punish the local population for what he personally decides are their errors?

In order to avoid these sanctions, Virtual-Joe is requiring state and local municipalities to seek approval by President Biden on legislation they are considering.

The Democrat Party is no longer elected, as is also a large portion of the Republican Party that are the remnants of the Fascist Establishment party originally established by FDR and codified by Jimmy-give-away-Panama-Canal-Carter.

They are openly and unabashedly instructing, promoting, assisting, and condoning federal employees punishing their political opponents.  Virtual-Joe is deeply compromised by Ukrainian crime bosses and the Communist government of China.  He simply is not in a position to represent Americans any longer.

The Fascists in Washington need to stay in power and make sure that young allies are also appointed into office through the cheat-by-mail program that worked so well for them in 2018, 2020, and 2021.  In order for that program to continue, they must drive home their assertion that African Americans are not intelligent enough to get a driver’s license/photo ID so they can equally participate in American society?  This includes voting and getting vaccinated, if they so choose.

The call for unity by Virtual-Joe is nothing less that an extermination order issued for all Americans who oppose his dictatorship.  When your time comes to stand up for your rights, what will you do?  How about your neighbor’s rights?  Will you stand there and let your neighbor be tazed and beaten at the local market for not wearing  mask?

Will you defend your neighbor’s right to vote and have his vote protected against a fraudulent ballot printed and counted to cancel his vote out?  Will you put your mask on and bow your head and roll up your sleeve, because you think Virtual-Joe has your best interest at heart, or because you just want to get on an airplane or go to a movie?

What are you willing to live without, if Virtual-Joe sanctions your way of life?  A bus ticket?  An Uber or Lyft?  Eating at a restaurant?  A baseball game?  A first date?  A family reunion?  Church?  When will you remember who you are and stand your ground for rights given to you by God?  Are you a free people?  It is time to say, “Not one more inch.”

SF Source Brooks Agnew Apr 2021

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