Medicine Buddha

05 April – Jupiter Conjunct Pluto
07 April – Super Moon 18° Libra
09 April – Mercury square Galactic Centre
11 April – Mercury into Aries on World Axis
12 April – Mercury square Node of Fate

lightLorna Bevan – Light is information; Love is creation. The new Work is creative, where the past Work was transformational, dark, brutal and dangerous. There is no comparison.

This is no ordinary week – it is a giant crossroads collectively and personally – a choice point whose outcomes will determine your trajectory. During this dark shadow that is eclipsing the globe, will you cling to a victim perspective or will you emerge with greater insight by becoming someone who is using the mud to transform into the lotus?

As Venus crosses the Pleaides conjunct Alcyone bringing your high heart online, the huge wave from the first of 3 Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions at 24 Capricorn surges through the 4:4:4 Star Gate. These two outer planets are the biggest energies that touch our physicality in the entire solar system – this is the arrival of the Medicine Buddha we have been waiting for, who will dispense two more healing doses in June and November.

This is an exponential growth curve. Jupiter expands everything he touches – good or bad, whereas Pluto makes small things big and big things small. The world behind the world is revealing itself through our current Saturnian restrictions.

The seismic waves of Tuesday’s Super Full Moon in Libra activate a Light Bridge between Jupiter/Pluto/Eris/Sun/Haumea/Moon. A Super Moon is an extreme lunar alignment so expect geophysical activity such as huge storms, extra high tides, volcanic eruptions and earth quakes plus an upsurge in irrationality as everyone’s nervous systems are fritzed.

In this photonic solar light between April 4-11, as Mercury aligns with our Homing Signal the Galactic Centre – you are learning to navigate the uncharted 5D Realm:

♦  recognize that Source is an open morphic field and it is alive

♦  send your consciousness out ahead like a scout, remote viewing all the roads that are available and viable. This is not a mind/thought process, you can’t understand what is still in immanence in the quantum realm

♦  learn to distinguish between what and who holds life, hope, soul, healing and teaching and what and who is deadening and extinguishes the light

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The Chandra Symbol for the Sun at the Super Full Moon Aries 18:
Neither being one thing nor another.

“A very intensive process begins to do its relentless work – a cosmic power is being brought through. And it is so massive that is of an overwhelming destiny kind.

The whole Earth is going through radical changes and somebody has to witness and draw out the lessons and meaning.

A shadow aspect looms large here. Past karmas reverberate. These are times when great truths are revealing through cracked strange vessels.”

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Apr 2020

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