Mercury Moves Into A Square With Neptune

Laura Walker – There is something in the energetics related to Mercury and Mars that is in effect today and Tuesday. Mercury is discharging “a cafeteria with an abundance of choices;” Mars is discharging “a group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it.”

These are about satiation, alternatives, and being carefree.

This doesn’t just speak to food. This is a soul hunger. What is the collective of humanity saying? I think this is worth watching.

Satisfaction is on tap today with Venus and the North Node making conjunction. We get a glimpse into the future of relationships, finances, and security. The conjunction happens at “newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience.” This includes new experiences into unknown territory. Second Renaissance.

Second Renaissance involves furthering the projects that we have been working on all our lives.

But, is there something that you forgot about a long time ago? As the Sun completes its transit of Taurus, we have a second chance to remember something we forgot — or just get a good look at something that was already there. The Sun is discharging “a mature reawakened to romance.” Second chances come in all kinds of forms.

The Earth is discharging “the King of the Fairies approaching his domain.” This is a good way to start off “Imagination Week” because Mercury is moving into a square with Neptune. What we dream is in process of appearing, as Neptune is discharging “a materializing medium.”

We are the materialization of our own “medium” — who we are. We, the artist, are the medium we use to paint the world.

Let’s get our imaginations fired up!

Much love, L

SF Source Oracle Report May 2021

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