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Lee-Anne Peters – June has been quite a transformative month for many of us as deep issues, secrets and intense feelings bubbled their way to the surface. In a lot of cases these stirred up the pot and broke the safe zone we thought we’d found. Things crumbled and we may still be picking up the pieces now. We’ve had to keep our negative thoughts in check, and several times we lost it. The strongest winds and heaviest rains rattled us around in June, however we’ve been quite stripped back and start the new month a little lighter and clearer than before.

I’ve laid out some cards for July – let’s see. Remember this is a guide only.

During the first week of July we’re being encouraged to stretch our perspective and look at things outside the box and from other angles. We may not be seeing how things truly are, or have our focus locked on a certain way – which may not be best. We may need to drop down our guard this week too.

The second week of July brings highlight to order – and finding a way to put things, especially paperwork, into order. We are not preparing for ‘the end’ but instead for a new beginning. To progress this week, it will be best to get the ends tied up and the burdens we carry sorted out.

The third week of July presents a strange feeling of transition – feeling like we’re in between things – neither here nor there – one foot in one world, and the other foot in another. This can be quite unsettling, so to help ourselves travel through let’s remember to purge and clear the clutter and negativity from our inner being and outer life.

During the last week of July we’re being reminded to keep our boundaries healthy and firm. Truth may be important as things are revealed and we find the courage to speak our truth more compassionately. We are ending the month stepping onto a new path – as another direction opens up and we likely feel excited by the prospect.

The theme for July is to stay hopeful and optimistic, especially if something doesn’t quite work out as hoped or planned. This is not the time to give up, but navigate our way around any setbacks – for they will point us towards something better. Communicating openly and honestly will be important to help clear the air and keep the relationship between us and others positive and clear.

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Wishing you a fabulous July!

Much LOVE always,

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One thought on “Message for July 2019

  1. During the last week in July, the end not only of a 13-year cycle but a 13,000-year cycle occurs. They end on July 24th. The 25th July is a ‘day out’, before a new 13,000-year cycle of the Divine Feminine commences on the 26th July 2019.
    A “new beginning” indeed!

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