Is it possible to be positive in a negative world?

miracle zoneMarci ShimoffDebra Poneman – Does it seem to you that people are being a bit more negative and aggressive than ever these days?

And it’s not just high school mean girls or school yard bullies. Many of us are bullied by bosses or business partners that don’t let you talk or need to be right at all costs…Many are left out of social gatherings by the mean girl adult who needs to call the shots… And how about this junior high name calling by those who are are supposed to be our leaders…?!?!

It’s no surprise that one of the questions we get most often is, “Is it possible to remain in a happy and peaceful state in the midst of negative people?” While it can be challenging, it is possible and we’ll show you how.

First, see if you can relate to this scenario: You’re having a great day, feeling in the flow, loving the energy in the Miracle Zone, when all of a sudden – wham! You innocently go on your Facebook to see what’s new with your peeps and it’s filled with people ranting about the state of the world. The next thing you know, you’re brought down and feeling negative and upset yourself.

Or you walk into a networking event and introduce yourself to someone who mumbles a hello, barely looks you in the eye, and heads for someone more important to talk to. You’re standing there thinking what’s wrong with you and wondering why you’re even there.

Why does your positive state crash when it bumps up against a wall of negativity?

Well, there’s a law of physics that says when two objects are vibrating near each other, the one vibrating with the greatest intensity will dominate. In relationships—even virtual ones–this means that the person with the strongest emotional state controls the energy – and like a tuning fork, you start vibrating at their frequency. YIKES!

The next time you’re in a positive, happy, miraculous state of mind and someone enters your space who decidedly isn’t, we suggest that you consciously hold your energy and let the person synchronize with your emotional state or by default, you will synchronize with theirs.

When you don’t know the person well, you’re less reactive and it will be easier to hold that miraculous state. When you’re invested in a relationship it will take more resolve, but by not indulging their negativity you are giving your friend or loved one a great gift. Misery may love company but the result is then you’re both miserable.

Here are a few tips for staying in the Miracle Zone even in the face of someone who’s firmly entrenched in the Negativity Zone:

1- Tune into your body at the first sign of emotional upset or imbalance. Notice any sensations arising in your physical body. Bringing awareness to those sensations will bring you into the present moment where everything is perfect. Tapping into that will prevent you from having a knee-jerk reaction. Your attention will speed the release of the uncomfortable sensation and restore you to a state of peace.

2- Remember, it’s about them when someone lashes out or feels they need to dominate, make your feel small, complain or gossip. It’s not about you. Most people are not deliberately trying to crash your good vibes, they’re just not happy themselves or they just want their feelings to be acknowledged—so start there. Try, “I can see why you might feel that way,” or, “I see that this situation is really upsetting to you.” Since you’re staying in your emotionally happy place it’s likely your energy and your willingness to acknowledge them will nudge them over into the possibility of letting go. And since you’re not judging or blaming them, they might see the situation from a new perspective.

3- If you can’t think of anything positive to say, know that simply staying neutral with a gentle look of understanding on your face is a gift in itself.

No matter how negative the world gets, how frustrating negative people can be, or how hard it might feel to stay positive against the odds, you have the power of the Miracle Zone at your beck and call.

Practice these techniques to stay in the Miracle Zone and you’ll build up a strong “emotional immune system.” It’s like Teflon to another’s negativity – rather than velcro. Your peace and well-being will stay safe and your friends and others in your life won’t know exactly why they feel so good being around you—but we do and it can be our little secret.

And the frosting on the cake is that, just like that tuning fork, our positive vibration is carrying a Miracle Zone wave and sending positive energy that uplifts the entire world.

Miraculously yours,
Marci and Debra

PS: We’re the first ones to admit that it’s not always easy to stay positive day in and day out in a negative world. That’s why we surround ourselves with up-lifting, miracle minded people. And it’s one of the reasons why we created the Your Year of Miracles program—so that amazing people just like you have all the support you need to live a positive, miraculous life. Until December 10th, we’ve made it super affordable for you to join this powerful international family. Don’t go it alone. We promise we are all better together. The miracle zone is just a click away.

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